Andela21 Three weeks of Bonding

Some of my pals at the just ended Andela21

I remember as a child after my primary school graduation, I couldn’t imagine having to leave this wonderful group, I cried in my heart till it became sore.

That’s exactly how I felt on Friday-May-13-2017 (did’n’t exactly cry), I was about to leave a group of wonderful humans,brought together by an amazing team of LFAs(…shout outs to Nelson, Grace, C.Allen, Seyi, Yemi and Ulo), not forgetting the BFs who were always checking on our progress, including Temi, Victoria(amazing personality), Phil-The-Man and Anabelle(who still scares a times).

Andela21 was so different from bootcamp in all of its sense. While in boot-camp, everyone was focused not basically on learning or helping others learn, but on completing their respective projects before deadline day. At Andela21 the aura was one of family, not leaving anyone behind, but making sure everyone made it past the finish line.

The LFAs

I was graced with a Brilliant Woman Grace who was very phenomenal to me completing my project, I made it a personal goal not to disappoint her, though I was afraid I actually did disappoint her in the end.Like this mother figure she was always watching out for where we had blockers and responded promptly if we had any, and was encouraging all the way.

Nelson Andela is another great LFA, actually I could say he was everybody’s LFA. Always trying to push everyone to bring out the best in them.

All in all, the LFAs were there, not to help with the recruitment proccess but to help us learn and that I appreciate a lot especially coming with very little knowledge in programming.

My Peers

When you mix Crazy with Brilliance, Collaboration and Bugs, what do you get? What ever it is , that’s what I got from this bunch. It was all round fun being with them, because I got to learn that collaboration wasn’t all about sharing, but oneself accessible so others can come to you for help. Coding now made more sense when you get to understand that whatever bug you got, was at one time faced by someone else. And ohh my word!!, these guys have talents apart from coding. Tolu(waauu!!) dances and is the lord of sarcasm, Clinton plays the guitar and has an amazing voice(one Chi-Gurl would be proud of), Tunde plays the drum, guitar and also sings, Fizzy has a great voice too(one my Dad most would be proud of), and Vy-nessa is a yoga maestro(remind me not to get on her bad side), and so much more. All of these guys including those not mentioned were so encouraging to me because I didn’t want to disappoint any of them.

Andela deserves all the plaudits for putting together this program and if I get into the fellowship I’m sure my Andela21 experience would have given me a tip of the ice-berg how the fellowship would be. If I don’t, I’ll be so sad but, then I’ll still build on what I got from it. What ever the outcome is I feel it’s still a win-win situation for me.

Our most difficult problems are solved quickly when we reach out to others.