My Experience so far- Boot-Camp 21 Day-3 Home Session

It has been a thrilling week of activities so at boot camp. One which has made me push myself further than I usually would. All for the right cause, to be able to work under the most challenging circumstances and still turn in your A- game.

I have learned patience, resilience and excellence are key to me been the best I can be. These past week would go down as one of the most challenging for me yet fun. Completing my assignment before the stipulated time hasn’t really been easy for me.But its still what it is, the reason why we all apply Andela’s EPICm values. Those values can help you push through any obstacle.

I hope this would be my last post on my experience so far at at boot-camp,but if it is, it was never a waste of time sharing my experience with you fellas neither would my stay at boot camp be in vain.

See you in my next post.