Money and Time Are Both Stackable Units
Nicole Dieker

Doing the dishes is something that, on a weeknight, I absolutely loathe. On a weekend, though, I find it to be one of those peaceful activities that hits the sweet spot of “taking just the right amount of attention to allow for soothing daydreams but not anxious obsessing.”

The difference for me is that I am extremely protective of my weeknight time for no particular reason, except that I, too, like to be able to do one fun/meaningful/constructive thing each weekday evening (to the point that there is a list on my desk right now of the fun/meaningful/constructive thing I did/plan to do each night this week). Doing the dishes technically falls into the constructive category, but it’s so mundane, it doesn’t make the list. Maybe I wouldn’t hate doing the dishes on weeknights so much if I just put it on the list (and then had the satisfaction of crossing it off).