Stop Giving Politicians So Much Credit

So here I am on Twitter politely expressing my serious disapproval of John McCain, the old fart who unfortunately got re-elected to the Senate for his 834th term, and I get reminded by a fellow citizen that I should specify my dislike of the politics but not the person. Peace and love, bro. Let’s stay good natured, keep it cordial. After all, just because you disagree with someone’s politics doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them or that they’re not good people, right?

My problem with that sentiment is that, unlike sports or musical preference, politics literally has the ability to destroy people’s lives. Not only does it have the ability to, it does all the time. Yes, even in America.

A person’s political philosophy is a perfectly suitable reason to either like or completely loathe them as far as I’m concerned. I’d at least consider it fair game. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, especially among the more reasonable, enlightened ones who self-identify as ‘independents’, but the fact is that in today’s politically divided climate, there are those who are actively opposing the liberty and security America is supposed to provide to my family, and I generally don’t shed one tear for their misfortunes.

To be clear, I of course have friends who disagree with me politically. I don’t begrudge them for it either. Okay, maybe a little at times but for the most part, no. They’re the same as me, working hard to live their lives in their own personal pursuit of whatever makes them happy. Plus, they’re good people. If they’ve been duped into thinking Hillary Clinton and company are the greatest thing since sliced bread, that’s their problem and it’s my task to drag them back into reality.

My anger and intolerance is directed more specifically at our elected officials who have at their disposal access to more wealth, power, and information than any of us mere peons could ever dream of having, and they piss it away on a daily basis on ridiculous pet projects, rubbing each other’s backs, and playing geopolitical chess at the expense of our lives, our money, and our children’s futures. Many of them are at best just wildly ineffective and incompetent, and they should get a new career.

While there are those of us who work our entire lives skimping and saving to build a nest egg that we hope and pray will last us to our death, the federal government has no problem confiscating as much of that as possible, monkeying with its value via currency manipulation, blaming us for their fraud and failures, telling us we didn’t build the wealth anyways, and spending the equivalent of a Warren Buffett’s net worth in tax payer dollars every couple of hours.

Maybe it’s just me, but I have no intention of giving the people who are treating my kid’s future so flippantly the benefit of the doubt regarding their personal good nature.

Originally published at Always Liberty.