A Noble Knight

In a simpler time where dragons occupied the dark skies and Kings reigned tyranny upon the land — there lived a knight. A knight so noble that that he knew no evil, and believed solely in the value of honesty and being as righteous as any man could ever achieve to be. He grew up in a modest home, in a modest kingdom, ruled by the most modest of Kings. He served his King with as much loyalty as human could muster. The modest King never asked his most noble Knight to do anything that could possibly ever besmirch the Knight’s good name, until one day when a dark and mysterious dark veil of fog surrounded the kingdom. 
 The King summoned his most noble Knight to his throne room and the Knight took his knee in front of the King as he always had — giving the king the utmost respect possible in every way he could.

“My most Noble Knight,” said the King. “I am sending you on a quest throughout my kingdom to discover the source of this dark evil that has surrounded our beloved modest kingdom. I believe it to be dark magic.”

“Of course your highness, anything that you wish,” replied the Knight. “But where do I start to search for such a thing? Surely you have some idea of its origin,” said the Knight with the highest of respect to his most modest King. 
 “I have three guesses as to the source of this evil presence my Knight,” said the King. “Start with the Bakers wife. Her goods are so delicious they could be drawing the attention of this evil presence — you must kill her.”

The Knight nodded without hesitation and said, “Yes your Majesty, that is very possible. She will be dead by day’s end.”

“Secondly, I want you to find that young boy in town who is always stealing food in the market — I believe he may be to blame for this also. He must also see a fitting end with your noble blade,” commanded the King.

“Yes your Majesty — you are right. That young boy is a nuisance and must be stopped. He will be struck from this world for his thievery,” said the Knight plain faced showing no remorse in his word to the King.

“And, lastly, the old woman in the shack who lives alone on the outskirts of the city — I believe that she may in fact be a witch. She could be the source of this evil, also,” roared the King as he stood up shaking his fist mightily.

“I’ve always had my suspicions also my King, she too will face justice,” said the Knight as he stood and bowed before his King once more before turning and walking with purposeful haste towards the castles exit.

The Knight wasted no time saddling his most noble white steed, brandishing his silver blade, which normally shined under the light of the modest sun, shimmered dully under the dark veil. He had made a promise to the King to clear his kingdom of these wretched people, and then his kingdom would bask once more in the modest sun.

The Knight approached the Bakers house in the center of town. The smell of freshly baked bread and pastries filled the air. The knight approached the house, tying his noble steed to a post. He knocked on the door, and the large Baker’s wife opened the door — brandishing a bowl filled with delicious cake batter, and a spoon.

“Greetings,” said the Knight. “I have been given the task of determining the cause of this dark veil that has forsaken our Kingdom. Stealing the modest sunshine from us, and making our days dark and dreary,” he said.

“This is great news,” said the Baker’s wife. “I have been worried that I would never see the beautiful sunshine in this Kingdom once again,” she said.

“I was told that your delicious baked goods could be drawing this evil presence to us, and that I must kill you if you may be the cause. It’s better to safe than sorry,” said the Knight.

“But, most noble night, that is impossible — my goods are delicious but do you really believe this evil that has casted itself over our Kingdom would really come for my sweets? I haven’t had business in days, and not a single person is buying my goods. This must all be a mistake. Please, you are most noble — do not end my life for such a thing. Leave me be and I will bake you all the cakes and bread you could ever dream of,” she said, scared and confused.

The knight looked up the woman with the bowl and spoon and took a deep breath, breathing in the delicious smell of the pastries in the air. He was a noble Knight, but he agreed with the Baker’s wife.

“This is what I will do. I will let you keep your life. I do not wish to have you bake me goods even though they are so delicious. To take a bribe would be un-knightly of me. I wish that you would stay inside and cease baking until this great evil has left this land. Once it has passed, you may continue baking your delicious goods once again,” said the Knight, bowing and quickly walking back towards his noble steed to proceed to find the young boy thief.

“You are most noble!” shouted the Baker’s wife.” I will never forgive your good deed today!”

The Knight hurried along on his steed until he reached the market square. Where he saw the young boy that King claimed could be causing the evil veil with his thievery.

“You, young boy, I wish to speak with you,” said the Knight.

The young boy turned around. He was wearing a battered potato sack, wore no shoes, and his hair was tousled and covered in dirt.

“Most noble Knight, I am just a young orphan boy — what do you want with me?” he stuttered with great fear in his voice.

“The great and modest King has tasked me with ridding you from the Kingdom. He says that your thievery may be causing this dark evil to spread about the land. I am here to kill you so that the veil may be lifted,” spoke the Knight with a stern face.

“But, most noble Knight, I am just an orphan boy. I only steal so that I may live and feed my little sister. We have no home, and we only take very little. We only take enough to survive, and we never take from the same person twice,” said the boy scared, tearing and wiping the tears from his dirt stained face. “We couldn’t possibly be the cause of this great evil, but I will stop,” he says.

“Fine, as long as you stop until this great evil is lifted — I will spare your life,” said the Knight with a small smile upon his face. “The Baker’s wife has stopped baking until this great evil has passed, go to her and tell her that I said to feed you her delicious goods until this evil has passed.”

The boy with a large smile upon his soiled face spoke and said, “Yes most noble Knight, thank you. My sister and I can finally have something to eat and I do not have to feel guilty. You are most noble. I truly hope that you find the cause of this great evil.” The boy skipped away down an alley towards the Baker’s wife’s home.

The Knight, feeling satisfied with how he spared the young orphaned boys life carried on back on his towards the city’s edge. It had reached night time, and the veil had made this night in particular much darker than usual. Dark clouds filled the sky, and the Knight approached the old woman’s cabin at the edge of the woods, where the elderly woman was outside tending to her garden.

“Witch! I am here to end your life. You have carried on this dark veil for long enough! It is time for the modest sunshine to once again shine down upon the great and prosperous Kingdom,” said the Knight forcefully.

The old woman looked up at the knight from hoeing her garden, her wrinkles were aplenty and her long gray hair flowed over her skinny frail frame.

“My most humble apologies noble Knight, I think that you are mistaken,” she said with a worried look upon her face. “I am simply an old widow, I live here alone, tending my garden and keeping to myself. I am no witch. I merely cannot walk as far as I use to, so I never make it to town anymore. My knees have gone bad, and what energy I have I use to tend my garden so that I may eat. I am no witch, and if I was I would not have the energy to cast such evil magic upon the Kingdom.”

The knight looked up at the dark veil in the sky, and the dark clouds that loomed above, and then back down at the old gray-haired woman standing her garden, standing with her bad knees bent.

“You may be right old woman. I do not believe that you are the cause of this great evil — you are far too old and feeble to do such a thing,” he said proudly, smiling back the old woman. “I grant you my noble steed so that you may venture to and from town as you wish. I just ask that you wait until this great evil has passed, and you feed him well — for he will serve you faithfully until you have passed from this world.”

“This is great news! I can finally visit the city again! I have longed for a companion for such a long time! Thank you such much most noble Knight, you truly are pure of heart,” spoke the old woman with an added youthful pep to her tone. “I will never forget this.”

The Knight turned and made his way back towards the city. His shining armor was clanking with every step as he hurried back to inform the King that he was wrong in his guesses as to the cause of the great evil.

As the Knight approached the castle gates on foot, a long thunderous bang roared in the sky. The knight looked up to the sky with a worried face, the evil of the veil seemed to have been growing in power.

The Knight walked into the throne room and made his way to the King’s throne where he took a knee — giving the King the utmost respect as usual.

“So,” said the King. “Have you vanquished the Baker’s wife, the young boy, and the old woman at the edge of town? I see that the evil veil still plagues,” the king said strongly with a look of anger upon his face.

“No your majesty, I have went and spoke to each of them, and none of them seem to be the cause of the evil veil. I have told the Baker’s wife to cease the cooking of all delicious goods, the young boy from stealing any longer, and the old woman to stay in her home with the comfort of my noble steed until this great evil has passed. It must be caused by something else.”

The King looked at the Knight wide-eyed at his disobedience.


“I am sorry your majesty, but after speaking to each of them I could tell that they were not the causes of this great evil. I know that it must be something else,” said the Knight bravely in the face of his angry king.

“YOUR DISOBEDIENCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, I WILL HAVE YOU KILLED!” said the King as he rose from his throne towards the roof as a thunderous bang could be heard from outside. 
 The Knight rose from his knee and step back quickly, drawing his beautiful silver blade from it’s sheath.

“I WILL PUNISH YOU! NO ONE DISOBEYS THE KING” said the king in an evil tone.

The Knight knew now that this wasn’t his most modest King. This was someone completely different.

“Who are you!” yelled the Knight bravely. “No King of mine would ever task me with hurting the innocent. I believe it you to be the cause of this great evil!”

The room filled a dark fog and the loud thunderous bangs from outside not emanated from the room itself. The King was surrounded by the fog, and when the fog cleared his true form had been revealed.

“I am the evil Warlock, I feed off of evil and misdoings,” he said angrily. “A noble knight such as yourself killing those people was all that I needed in order to grow in power and devour the rest of the lands! But, you have disobeyed me! I have killed your King, and now you will be the next to die!”

The Warlock, with a path of dark fog behind him soared quickly towards the Knight through the air. The Knight dodged him and rolled, the thunderous bangs continued to fill the room as the two engaged in combat.

The Warlock shot bolts of lightning at the Knight, but they were deflected by the Knight’s powerful, and noble silver blade.

The Warlock lunged toward the Knight, but with one fell swoop the Knight stabbed the warlock in the heart. His body plummeted towards the ground with a loud thud. The thunderous bangs ceased and the dark presence dissipated.

“Your evil will never surpass my good, Warlock” said the Knight standing over the Warlocks deceased body. Evil will never prevail in this modest Kingdom!”

By the next day the whole kingdom had heard of the noble Knights brave deeds and the lives that he had spared, seeing through the evil Warlocks dark plans. They held a massive celebration of food and wine, and the whole kingdom was uproar over his heroism. The kingdom agreed that since it was the noble Knight that saved the Kingdom, and since he was so pure of heart that he should be the one to take over as King.

Once King, he ordered that the young orphan boy and his sister be made his prince and princess, and that will live with him in all his new found riches and glory in the castle. The Baker’s wife once again took upon baking delicious foods for all of the Kingdom to enjoy under the modest sunshine.

The old woman approached the gates of the castle on the back of the noble steed that she had been gifted to thank the King, personally. As she approached the throne her silver wispy hair turned from silver to blonde. Her tattered clothes turn to a magnificent white dress, and her skin softened and before the new King stood the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on.

“I am the good witch of the forest. Your noble deeds and saving the kingdom has convinced me that you are the one I want to spend my life with once again. Your honesty knows no bounds. I wish to wed you and be your queen if you wish to have me,” she said with a big smile as her bright blue eyes glowed and her smile shined across the throne room.

“I am in disbelief,” said the King. “I will surely take you as my wife, and you shall be Queen, and mother to my adopted orphan children!” he roared gleefully, his words echoing across the room.

The next day they were married in one of the most beautifully, modest, ceremonies you have ever laid your eyes on. She took his side as his queen, ruling fairly, and kindly for many years until the day that their adopted children would take over, where they would rule, and their children’s children would rule, with modesty, and fairness.

And, they all lived Happily Ever After.

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