How Yours Can Empower Creators/Curators From All Over The Web

We’ve been slowing revealing details into how we plan on making Yours a premier destination for content creators [here] and curators [here].

This will be a process that will take time as we iterate at a pace that ensures we glean as much community feedback as possible to bake into the platform. We plan to cater to a plethora of various content creators; as the heart of this platform is about the empowerment of creatives everywhere. We’re attempting to create an all new user experience that allows us to shake-up content discovery in whole new way across the interwebs.

With that, we want to go into detail about a few more various types of creators we hope will find long-term value in our platform. And how users can create value for their personal brand in new ways — improving how creators can engage with their audience.

Utilizing Yours To Maximize Virility/Engagement

There are so many different social platforms, e-commerce sites, music/video sharing sites out there that it’s getting harder to keep count. That’s sort of the beauty of the web. It’s grown into such a large and complex entity; one with millions of niche communities celebrating what they love all over the web, everyday.

Because Yours is seeking to create a new user experience where users are interacting with one another to speculate on the probability a certain type of content will become viral — it introduces some very interesting statistics in regards to who was the first ‘person’ to link to a particular piece of content on the web. And, since building your personal content curator/creator reputation will take time as you continue to use Yours; bringing your pre-existing fanbase to Yours is important. That is why linking from other publishers and websites is so pivotal in the UX. The web-based link structures on individual sites, SEO ranking, followers, popular tweets, etc — are all very important in building your “brand” inside the Yours “attention economy”. To take that away that earned support and discoverability would impede a budding creator's popularity.

Where will creators come from?

Let’s give you some examples of various creatives and their needs as a content creator, then follow up with what they have in common and their mutual benefit on our platform.

Some of the most shared videos and viral content on the web exists on YouTube. Many videos have cross the impressive BILLION view mark time and time again. But, what you truly want to know is: Who and what sites are driving people to that content, and who was first?

“YouTubers” looking to make it viral on the net and discover fame and fortune are ever abundant. Many wish to utilize the size and popularity of YouTube’s network to bootstrap their own dreams. And, many have and many more will.

Here is an excellent example of an individual seeking to utilize YouTube to jumpstart their personal brand and make money with bitcoin. It highlights many struggles of making it on YouTube (from making ad money, to building a new audience). I recommend the read. It shows you how fledging entrepreneurs and creatives are constantly seeking a way to make their passions pay-off.

Etsy Shop Owners
Now, what about the Etsy shop owner who decided they wanted to break away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world and start making money with their personal passion, crafting? Perhaps this person has a website that showcases their personal Etsy shop filled with artisanal craft items.

It can be a struggle to stand out in sea of e-commerce marketplaces where you are overshadowed by so many individuals selling and trying to differentiate themselves; all while building a solid and respectable customer base. But, it can be difficult to find buyers who can appreciate their niche craft items…especially when your creations are unique or cater to a special interest…

And, we can’t forget about some of the most storied and celebrated creatives of all — writers.

Publishers of major news organizations, and freelance writers from various walks of life are always looking for ways to maximize profit. If you could bring your writing works to a global audience, then you are poised to have a lot more eyes on your written works from your personal Wordpress, Medium, etc — which means more potential for ad-clicks on your personal blog, or more attention, thus making your post viral.

Even if you don’t personally post a link to your own work to Yours and someone else does; you are still reaping the benefits of the additional exposure and web traffic to your content no matter where it is published...A sort of “circle of life” when it comes to content.

What Do Those Creators Have In Common?

We aim to empower a new generation of creatives — who with the impending age of further technological automation — will be more relevant than ever as our needs continually shift in the workforce. That said, all of the creatives we listed above all have one thing in common…

Creators need a network they can depend on filled with like-minded content consumers all over the globe, working together to surface amazing content anywhere in the world.

The YouTuber who’s fledgling channel barely had a few hundred views and 10–20 channel subscribers? They now have a global audience to broadcast their content to in order to be endorsed and rewarded monetarily (bitcoin) for their hard work. And, in return, the users of Yours benefit because creators are cross-posting their content here, first — giving them access to the best videos. That YouTuber now has a solid passive income and following from the Yours community and are now growing their hobby to a full-time job.

That Etsy shop owner? Their passion for creating custom garden gnomes and cat statues has finally exploded once a link was posted to their shop on Yours, because people found their “Donald Trump Garden Gnome” — with lopsided hair, amazing. They are now enjoying huge notoriety as the gnomes’ images are reposted all over social media, and they’re now fulfilling hundreds of sales a month.

And, what about those Medium bloggers who write awesome technical how-tos, or that small-town beat magazine writer? Their once small audience has now grown to exponential proportions after sharing their writings to Yours. (See how some YouTubers are making more with bitcoin micropayments, here) They get to be rewarded money and share their best work with a huge audience — all while making extra money to keep themselves and their hobbies afloat and profitable (student loans are a pain)

And, What Does It Mean?

Now imagine being a content consumer on Yours who is endorsing this content. You are taking a belief in these creators that no one else has. And, at some point you’re going to make money curating their content or endorsing it early before it goes viral. Imagine the intrinsic value of buying an item from money you made viewing content from your favorite creators on the web. Think about how that may change how you perceive that tangible/intangible item you purchased with your earnings. That phone case you bought on Amazon using with the money you earned? Those Steam games you purchased on your PC? Both now have a whole new meaning to you when you use them. Those items will forever be tied with that content/creator that allowed you to earn those funds, changing the creator/consumer relationship in a whole new way.

Sounds good?

If you think so, be sure to be some of the first individuals to try Yours by signing up at http://Yours.Network and also following us on Twitter at

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