This I Believe

I believe in the power of, you. I believe that you can do anything. I believe in the power of humanity and what you can do to make my life better, and what you can do to change the world around you. You can do this anyway you please, from science to art, teaching, or just doing what’s right. Only you can positively impact my future — I control my life. But, you — everyone even, determines what kind of world we live in tomorrow.

What problems ail me, what things do you want to see changed? Are you believer in the strength of the government? Do you want to one day be a senator, or a congressmen, perhaps even the President? Do you think you can make the world a better place? Are you going to cure diseases, or will you take your childhood dream of being a Doctor and pretend it never happened? Or, are you going to abandon your dreams to become the 7th grade teacher that you aspired to be one day; enriching the lives and educations of our collective children? Be someone else’s inspiration. Be the person you want your children to be.
What defines you? Is it your virtues, knowledge, or ambitions? Remember that throughout life every one of the decisions you make not only affects you, but it affects me — all of us. What you choose to do shapes time and history. You can’t always depend on someone else to do what you believe should happen. If we want to live in the future depicted in books: a disease-less, space traveling, flying car sort of future, we have to start now.
We have to start believing in each other. If we don’t we’re setting our selves back. Everyone needs the inspiration of their peers. Can that day be today? Is today the day we stop competing, and start working towards the greater good of humanity? I remember as a child I wanted to be someone important — but I never knew exactly what that would be. It wasn’t until I made it to college did I realize what my real purpose was, it was bringing people together. If someone isn’t trying to bring us together, to unite us as a whole — not just a nation, but a collection of people trying to change the world — how can we change the world? 
By bringing you to the correct mindset that we all have to unite for the greater good if we ever want to live in that utopian society. If our governments work against each other, but not with each other, how do we bring peace to the world? I don’t have that answer, but together we can find out.
“You want to believe in me, but I’m just one person — what can I do?” What can’t you do? You have to always believe in you. Because, if you don’t, someone else will try and tell you that you can’t. Some people can’t see that it takes people working together to get things done. Even if two individuals aren’t working towards the same goals, you can be the difference between their success and their failure. 
Let’s put this more into perspective. Think of your least motivated friend, everyone has at least one; the one friend that is cruising through life without a care in the world, and is letting the precious gift of life slip through his/her fingers like sand in an hourglass. They approach you and say, “I want to write a book, I think it could change the world.” Would you scoff in their face? Or do you give them encouraging words to do whatever they believe is a great idea? That they should do whatever they can set their minds to, you could be the one hindrance between your friend and the creation of one of the most compelling and life-changing novels to ever be published. History is affected by every single one of your actions. Don’t be the person that ruins that for all mankind. 
Always ask questions, and search for the right answers in life. Never be the one to negatively impact our future. I believe in the power of you. Without you there is no us. Without us there is no hope for mankind. If you can share your gift to the world, whatever that may be, then you’re doing your part in shaping the history of mankind. It’s our job to launch ourselves towards glory. If you aren’t on the path to your personal glory, and you choose to take the road most often travelled — you’re doing not only yourself a disfavor, but all of us. I will, however, continue to always believe in the power of you, because even if you can’t, we can. Together.