Using Money To Incentivize Content With Yours

I felt it would be a good time to discuss why we are blending bitcoin and payment channels into Yours and DATT. More to follow on the official Yours blog once it goes live. Be on the lookout for that!

Money has no loyalty, it only knows what is worth being spent on when you actually go and spend it. Money has a lot of indirect uses, ones that aren’t always just used solely on buying goods and services. But, for now we’re going to focus on the goods and services portion. Because, that is where you, the consumer of great content, seeks to benefit the most when using Yours.

Much like how money is used, good content is something that is also subjective to the individual looking to consume it. We don’t know what’s considered good content until collectively people have agreed upon it enough that they share it endlessly. Or, when that same content ends up as a meme on the front page of Reddit.

UI preview of Yours MVP release

At Yours we are looking to take advantage of one of the best aspects of money (using it to determine somethings worth), and blending it with content.

This isn’t something inherently new by itself. If you like a movie trailer for that new comic book hero, chances are you pay the $10 at the theater to enjoy it when the movie releases. If you like a song on an album, you buy it. It’s a very straightforward process. Good content creators get rewarded with the money they need to either reward someone for their creative efforts, or to pay the cost of creating that content. And, we all get to enjoy it.

Now, imagine you’re a content creator, major influencer, or another type of creative — and you have something you think is worth sharing. You want to make the most amount of money from your time and effort, and want to share it with a community of people who’re like-minded.

If you’re an aspiring hip-hop artist — you probably use SoundCloud. Love making hit funny videos? You probably have a Vine account filled with hilarious cat videos. But, who do you share these with to benefit most financially? The sites themselves have great communities and millions of users; most would seek to just publish to those platforms and call it a day. But, not you. You’re savvy, you want to bring your content to the most diverse and widely varied network of media consumers possible, and make money. Because, perhaps the publishers you’re posting content to are taking too large of a cut, and perhaps you may feel that’s unfair to you.

Publishers filled a key role in monetizing content creation, since the beginning of the internet. It’s not that they’re greedy; its just that that P2P payments are now possible, and since P2P exists on the internet, this is where the market is going. This change reduces the overall cost to publish content, meaning the creators get a greater portion of the reward. It’s just the capability to do this effectively has only has recently come to fruition, and the industry is just going to have to play catch up to the current pace of technology. That’s just the economics of it.

This is where Yours comes in.

The internet itself is a network, and the Yours P2P platform exists in conjunction with it as the “network that seeks to monetize all other networks”.

More aptly put — no matter where on the web the content comes from, we want Yours to be the destination for where you come to monetize that content.

Logo finalists for Yours rebranding from DATT

Yours will allow you to take content you put online, and create a separate channel for you to get the $ you really deserve for your creativity.

With using money as an incentive, we think we’ve found a way to make sure you get the best content. Served in a way that is simple, rewarding, and most importantly, fun. No click bait articles, no depending on your Aunt Janet to repost those dank memes she got from an email from a forward from your grandma.

This is content in the rawest form possible. Curated in realtime by people who love to pay and reward great content creators all over the world. :earth_americas:

More about how payment channels will function in the next post!