Check out our latest investment thesis from my fund Amentum Capital, which outlines a narrative for crypto to blend local ecologies with cryptoeconomic systems.

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Check out our latest investment thesis which outlines a narrative for crypto to blend local ecologies with cryptoeconomic systems.

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By: Steven McKie (Amentum Capital, CEO)

As we have endured this very tumultuous last year, we have all grown in our own ways more resilient as communities, individuals, and organizations purely from all having to face the same challenges globally. This network of agony and the aid of loving reciprocity that follows to pick up the pieces, is just another metaphor for the complex human condition and our small piece of the puzzle we control together as a species.

Humanity continues to progress itself technologically, spiritually, and financially, by working together through these enigmatic social metamorphoses — it is a…

We’ve been quiet for awhile here at Amentum, but we’ve continually been working in the background to bring new innovations either directly, or by proxy, swiftly to the now expansive Handshake community in every way we can.

The explosion in interest in this new decentralized digital namespace has been nothing short of extraordinary. We believe this is due to the community’s ethos of diversity of mind, perspective, and intellectual contribution — which is in direct alignment with the core of Amentum’s purpose. …

Are cryptocurrencies a new form of money, and if so, do they threaten state power? Our friend Nic Carter has recently commented on these questions in dialog with the NY Federal Reserve. We would like to add our perspective and thoughts on this, as we believe there is value to be derived from discussing these matters in-depth. For better and worse, we believe that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Handshake have features that make them a novel threat to the powers that states derive from currency issuance — but only a very marginal threat. …

If you remember from our announcement back on June 22nd, 2020 when we released v0.1.0 of HandyBrowser, we mentioned we’d be focused on growing the community with the help of our Handshake-native browser. With further refinements to HandyMiner to support the HS1 Plus mini-ASIC last week, we’re bringing another update to improve upon the core use case of browsing the Handshake-powered decentralized web, with our release of v0.2.0!

With my other open source developer friends (shoutout to Alex Smith and Thomas Costanzo from the Handy OSS squad), and the rest of the Handshake dev community (Thanks JJ, tuxcanfly, and…

We’ve been back to work cooking up support for Goldshell’s latest line of Handshake Blake2bSHA3 ASICs. A step-up improvement from the batch that debuted in Q2 2020, these feature 4 additional hash workers and a larger heat sync, plus an improved power supply for better performance - providing ~110GH in just 115watts.

It’s small and quiet enough for a desk, and low-powered enough to run anywhere in your home. When coupled with the HandyMiner ecosystem of software using our GUI and CLI, your experience is simple, allowing you to mine in less than <60 seconds.

Goldshell Twitter:

Goldshell HS1…

We’ve been constantly researching and exploring the complex science that is decentralized governance, finance, and autonomous organization & institutions, to provide you insights into what will emerge as our industry progresses at a staggering pace. We’ve explored privacy, legitimacy, emergent socio-political structures — and we most recently delved into the science and art of launching public blockchains themselves.

With a growing capital rich ecosystem at the cusp of another major phase of maturity this cycle, now is the best time to breakdown what is to come next. The DeFi narrative and its explosion cannot be ignored, and will continue to…

Decentralized Culture

In crypto, we get to enjoy the benefits of remote work far more often than most: a decentralized revolution is built safely when done in a distributed manner. But, that doesn’t mean it’s best for growing team culture, or creating high-performing teams.

I wanted to take the time to to share a few resources on how you can effectively manage your own team. …

The launch for the Handshake public blockchain is upon us! Finally, after almost 2.5+ years of development and growth, the community is ready to bring Handshake to the whole world.

Current launch specifics:

On the 615817th Bitcoin block height, the BTC blockhash will be committed into the Handshake genesis block. While it can be immediately mined, the genesis block is only locked in after six confirmations. After the first six confirmations of valid Bitcoin blocks, the genesis block will not change, even with a deep reorg. The code will be available for download on February 1, 2020.

More information on…

Steven McKie

Writer. Programmer. UX/UI. Bitcoin/Ethereum. ENTP. Doing things

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