Trying to Stay Blue, But Can’t Trust You Know Who…

I will continue to support Bernie Sanders until the very end. If I HAVE to vote for Hillary, I will ONLY do so because I don’t want a Republican in the Oval Office. This is a personal struggle for me because I don’t think she’ll advance this country in any way. If this election is teaching me anything, it’s that I can’t accept the status quo. I can’t accept that we are giving tax breaks to these corporations and the very wealthy while the working class suffers. I can’t accept that people are having to choose between their house payment and their prescription medicine. I can’t accept the enormous debt for college students (and those still paying loans years later).

I can’t ignore what we CAN be. I can’t un-see these things we’ve learned in this election.

I think President Obama has done a great job and has followed through on most of his promises amidst incredible obstruction from the GOP. The Clintons said Obama was living in. “fantasy world” because of what he proposed when she was running against him. Now she wants to cash in on this and says she wants to keep his momentum? I’m not so sure she can.

I don’t want someone in office who flips on a dime to pander to the masses. I like Bernie because he is true to his principles and positions even if it may hurt his campaign. He’s in it for the people, not for the title. She has positioned herself as the heir apparent and I don’t understand why people think she’s any more worthy than someone who has been fighting for the people for 30+ years. She has only held two political positions.

She keeps boasting about her early years on the Children’s Defense Fund. I encourage people to look this up and see what the head of the CDF has to say about how Hillary screwed them over when she became the First Lady. And before people say that you can’t hold her accountable for Bill’s actions-yes we can. She advocated strongly for his bills and is on video saying things in interviews and conferences speaking on his behalf. She considers her time as First Lady as part of her political career, but only when it works in her favor. She’s quick to distance herself when it’s something that could harm her political aspirations. I also encourage people to look up Elizabeth Warren’s interview with Bill Moyer about the time Hillary flipped on her once HRC became a NY Senator. Not to mention. her flopping position on same sex marriage. She calls it “evolving”. I call it pandering.

If I were to ever vote for her, it will only be because I don’t want someone in office who will overturn same-sex marriage and undo all of the progress we’ve made as a country. While I’m sure she will protect those rights, I’m pretty confident that she will not do the things she promises as far as taking money out of politics because of her vested interests in the banks, fracking, big oil, big pharm, etc… and I’m pretty sure she’ll flip back to the idea of the “Gold Standard” TPP she once supported.

For these reasons, I can no longer say, “Vote Blue no matter who” (with confidence, anyway…). I’m hoping we’ll be able to vote for person who has been on the right side of history all along! Keep fighting to get us to the convention! Bernie 2016!