Egg Food Critic (Review of Aster Cafe)

I recently visited the lovely Aster Cafe in the St. Anthony and Main neighborhood of Minneapolis. I ordered the biscuits and gravy with homemade fennel sausage and mushroom gravy. Naturally, I asked for two poached eggs lightly cooked to be place on top — to my continual surprise, I’ve never seen a restaurant menu offer biscuits and gravy with eggs on top.

Our food came out within a reasonable time and I this masterpiece awaited me.

I split the Eggs Benedict with my friend (on left)

I cut into the eggs and to my delight they were cooked perfectly. Molten (like the center of the chocolate cake) was the best way that I could describe them. The whole dish was brought together by the golden yolk that gushed all over the biscuits and gravy. After trying this dish in 3 states thus far in life, this was one of the best. The biscuits were cooked to perfection, light, golden and crispy.

If you’re ever in the twin cities, I’d highly recommend visiting Aster Cafe for perfectly cooked eggs, great atmosphere created by the Twin City Hot Club band and the dancing crowd.

Atmosphere — 9/10

Food — 8.5/10

Service — 9/10

Eggs — 10/10

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