Things you can say to a person during an argument to make them feel bad

  1. Wow. *pause long enough for them to absorb your disappointment* They were right about you. (there doesn’t have to be a “they”)
  2. What are you, a sociopath/psychopath? (I know that technically these mean different things, but for the purposes of making someone question their morality, the two words hold the same effect)
  3. Have you even listened to Neutral Milk Hotel’s first album, “On Avery Island?” (this one — at least in my experience has been the most fruitful)
  4. Jesus, Stacy. “On Avery Island,” is pretty much a classic. SO many people think that Neutral Milk Hotel’s sophomore release, “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea,” is the epitome of late nineties indie rock, but their best work by far is their first album.
  5. Did you even know that “Baby for Pree,” and “Where You’ll Find Me Now,” share the same melody? They’re SISTER SONGS STACY!
  6. You always say, “Oh, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, is one of the greatest concept albums. If you look at the lyrics and the song titles, it becomes clear that Anne Frank is the centerpiece for Jeff Mangum lo-fi pop masterpiece,” but Stacy, I feel like you only glorify Neutral Milk Hotel’s second album so much because you haven’t even listened to their first!
  7. God, my parents were right about you — you don’t have a wholesome understanding of the niche indie rock band Neutral Milk Hotel.
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