Why I’m Sick of Political Correctness*
Lauren Modery

The idea of political correctness does come from a place of goodness. However, in practice it’s pretty misguided in its attempts to make the world a friendlier, more inclusive place. Mostly because people use it to nitpick and police the language of those they disagree with, thereby absolving them from having to do any critical thinking or introspection.

The guiding principle of PC culture is treat everyone with respect. Everyone. That means even people you disagree with. Even people who aren’t treating others with respect. And this is a hard thing for some people to grasp.

If someone is being hateful or rude, a person needs to finesse them into seeing the other side. A person needs to Jedi Mind Trick them into feeling some empathy. What someone should never do is scream and shout and tattle with this crazy-inflated sense of superiority because someone else is being offensive.

Ainslie Caswell’s story is a perfect example of this idea of PC culture being taken to the point of absurdity. It made my blood boil reading it. In no context could her words possibly be misconstrued as hate speech. Considering she just did a ton of work cleaning up everyone else’s mess, she was more than entitled to put up a sign making sure she didn’t have to do the same work again in a few weeks. The most infuriating part is that her supervisor related this complaint to her without actually requesting she make any kind of change in her behavior. What is the end goal of that interaction then besides, as Ainslie succinctly put it, “making [her] feel over scrutinized and paranoid”?

Don’t let them muzzle you with their thuggish tactics. Free speech always comes out on top in the end, but you gotta be willing to stand up for it.