4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Chatting Up Babes

Okay, nice article…but!

I have this trick I use when I want to ask a lady to “tell me about herself”

Crack a joke, make sure she “lol”

That puts everybody in a more relaxed mood

Lie. Say something like “I have been stalking you on Twitter and I think I can make a tweet about you in less than 140 characters”

She feels intrigued now and accepts your challenge.

Pour out the lie like a pro. Say something like “you tweet like a Scorpio, passionate about work, and you are super emotional. Am i right or right?”

Now, step aside and let her do all the talking. She would tell you so much if you at least pretend to be interested.

So if I guess it’s allowed to say “tell me about yourself”, just don’t do that directly or when she still acts defensive in any manner.

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