Why is America so Angry?

America has been angry for so long I can’t remember a consistent period of time in my 50 years when it appeared to be happy. Now that desultory fist is shaking at nearly every demographic or institution that has built its success. Angry at its government. Angry at its police. Angry at its wars. Angry at its neighbours. Angry at its poor. Angry with its veterans. Angry with its women. Angry with its religions. Just plain angry. No one it would seem is happy with their lot.

SO is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, that shining example of democratic privilege, eating itself?

To those Americans that do not want to exercise their democratic right to vote in November, please pass your vote on to other people around the globe who understand that choosing, selecting and supporting a political candidate is not a competition to consume the dregs of a political barrel. If you want to abrogate yourself of the duty to elect suitable representation, please donate that right to people who realise that no amount of denial or contrary story-telling can justify inappropriate conduct.

Trump for example has reduced every part of society to a disenfranchised minority. Even when that minority is a majority.

In his reaction to the women who have accused him, he has managed to disendorse any advancement in Women’s Rights made in recent memory. The whole episode is completely unsavoury on both sides but it is specifically the way he has reacted to their accusations that has called most offence.

And then there are the people that will forgive him anything because to chose Hilary will cause a convulsive fit in the Republican ranks. How is that anything other than a risible response. His behaviour is unacceptable. Full Stop! And I am not a bleeding heart feminist who can be prone to the bluest of inflammatory conversations. However it is his absolute lack of understanding of what lines he has blurred and how far he has stepped over those same lines which bears closer scrutiny.

It is never okay to exercise power over women the way Trump does. To dismiss accusations based on the complainants looks as somehow being not worthy of existing within his sexual grace is deplorable. To notice that an under-age girl will be soon available for him to prey upon is frankly reprehensible. Locker room talk is one thing. To deny that events ever happened and then blame the victims is not a appropriate defence tactic. To get down in the trenches and swing away is to validate their accusations. He should be rising above it. Proving he is the better man. It would appear he does not know how to do that. Saying it is so does not make it so.

To blame it on or excuse it as a righteous performance from a personality not immersed in Washington double speak means that to every single English speaking child out there, behaviour like this is utterly acceptable. That is Britain, Australia, South Africa, Canada; to name but a few. Thank you for undermining the parenting skills of so many of us.

If his campaign had done their homework they would have known this stuff was around. As if no one knew that the Democrats wouldn’t role out a bunch of rhetoric closer to the election. This just shows how incompetently run his campaign actually is. To not be able to quash this in an effective manner and basically resort to name calling and misdirection is pathetic.

Surely they would already have had a critical response strategy to emerging situations like this. Frankly his trusting of sensitive issues to patently under-skilled staff reflects on his ability to even select a proper team to surround himself with. When the outcomes of this ineptitude are so self-evident, can you honestly say he should be choosing people to apply executive powers?

When this election is over, no matter the outcome, Americans need to have a long good look at themselves. To be a Christian nation you need to practice what you preach. Don’t surrender the moral playing field by dragging yourselves through a putrefying swamp of ethical conundrums.

Sort your two party system out. Your Government Legislative Assemblies are corrupted by special interests and lobbyists on both sides of the equation and a protest vote for Trump won’t change that at all. It will just make you angrier if you wake up on November 9 with him warming your bed.

You get the representation you deserve when you don’t care about the process or what people say. When anger dominates common sense or sensible debate, the end point of any discussion does not transpire with sensible conclusions. The campaign is a reflection itself of how a nation no longer respects each other or its own communities. It is a refection of a lack of moral fibre with delusional and unsustainable overtones.

It points at how some yearn for a reality that is an unattainable dream. Yet this is not a reality TV competition where the winner recedes into anonymity. This is not a game. Trump could ruin the entire Western world whilst emphasizing every point with an encircled thumb and forefinger indicating the true level of his IQ.

What a vote for him will legitimise is Racism, Religious Intolerance, Social Intolerance, Bullying, Xenophobia, Predatory Behaviour, Sexual and Disability Discrimination. He will bankrupt your country both economically and morally. The rose-coloured glasses that he uses have been lost long ago to globalisation and nothing will restore that vision. Move on. Stand up. Get on with it

America cannot isolate itself under a protectionist banner like it did in the 1930’s. The world is a far smaller place and Trump has been found sitting in his darkened corner thinking statements of exclusion and hate will improve the .

Next time find candidates that have no past and that can give you a future. At the moment you have a choice of two which ultimately will decide if the Republican Party allows a morally reprehensible character to lead them to oblivion. Or if the Democrats can believe in a politically compromised member of the Washington elite.

The rest of the world has a vested interest in this election because the USA chooses to impose its beliefs and ideals on the rest of us via its own infectious spirit. To be faced with the possibility that it will be Trump or Clinton staring back at me for the next four years fills me with dread. But I know which one I prefer. It’s not the one that disrespects my wife, my aunts, my friends and leads my sons down the wrong path.

When people get angry they make incorrect choices because frustration is at the centre of their world. Be a better country. Rise above the anger. Make better choices. Become a happy country. Everyone will love you more.