Mike Baird: Don’t Be Like Moses

Today In Sydney

I do not represent the voice of the dead but the voice of the living. As much as I mourn the passing of dead brothers, sisters, sons and daughters at the hands of violence or drug dealers, it is the living I wish to celebrate. And in Sydney today the people have shown that we celebrate life in all its glory. And shock, horror Mr Baird. No one died.

No one died Mr Baird because the majority of people in this once vibrant state are law-abiding, fun-loving citizens. Mr Baird, you believe that every one of your citizens has a propensity for violence, is unable to handle their emotions after a couple of drinks which therefore leads to an overload of victims at hospitals and police stations.

There is palpable anger in the community over what the NSW Government has done. Not only because it has destroyed the night-time economy but because it has labelled us all collectively responsible. Because somehow, with the help of the mainstream media, we have become a population which has been subsumed with a violent epidemic from which no one is safe. In other words, we must fear ourselves for we are all guilty.

Guilty of what exactly? Wanting to spend our hard-earned cash in a manner of our choosing? Wanting to stay out until the sunrise? Wanting to dance and make merry? For wanting to make money. My God, what are we thinking? Haven’t we realised yet that we are living through an Orwellian nightmare with a fanatical ideologue at the helm?

For Mike Baird is a man whose beliefs are enshrined in dogma, who has a firm conviction that he can be a benevolent father to us all and that ultimately, only he is capable of keeping us safe.

Mike Baird is like Moses. He came down from the mountain top, saw his flock celebrating life in Bacchanal pleasure and said, “Right! Stuff you lot. I’m going back up there to have a chat with God and I’m gonna fix you right up”.

And so Mike Baird did. Went to the Mountain top, chatted with his disciple in charge of the fun police and brought down the ultimate commandment, “Thou shalt not party, have a good time, listen to amplified music outside of a Baroque quartet or do anything until the wee hours of the morning except gamble away your inheritance”.

The problem with politicians these days is they believe their own rhetoric and take the people for granted. They think we can be duped. They think we don’t see. They think if they ignore us for long enough we will go away. They think that their smoke and mirror war on truth is succeeding.

Today proved that it is not. Mike Baird must answer categorically why he is opposed to competition to the Casino. Why he believes that every citizen is a criminal. Why it is okay for people to have their freedom restricted. Why it is okay for him to send countless businesses to the wall. Why property is more important than people or culture.

Moses wandered around in the desert for 40 years presumably because he didn’t have a road map, a clue or much of an idea of where he was going. Mike Baird don’t be like Moses. No one likes a killjoy. Man up. Ask for help and find a better way than prohibition. We want clever, intelligent solutions. Just saying no doesn’t solve anything.

If you are the creative thinker you obviously believe you are, then make a law that benefits us all and does not deny people freedom of movement, freedom of association or the freedom to run a business on a level playing field that everyone can utilise.

We are watching Mr Baird. The waters of Sydney Harbour will not part for you. There are no miracles in your man bag. You need to realise not every citizen is a robot and nor will they ever be. ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom to Be’ are an inalienable human right. Today was democracy in action Mr Baird. Respect it and act.


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