Son it’s up to You….

My son is young. Twenty one to be exact. Beginning what should be a wonderful journey into adulthood where everything and anything is possible. Where ideology does not strangle disruptive ideas that could lead to a better future and boundless possibilities. Where the precise nature of humanity is elevated to the core of our belief structure. Where the preservation of life is more important than the pursuit of greed. Where shareholder returns are relegated to sit below the attainment of an inclusive and supportive community. Where people are not seen as a burden but as an important strand in the fabric of a vibrant, diverse society.

But today he faces the harsh reality that his future will be tougher than our present. His planet will warm. He will be saddled with insurmountable debt and he will never know the luxury of a permanent job. A home will be tantalisingly out of reach. Further education will be too expensive. Social services will cease to serve society and disruptive technology will replace large swathes of workers.

I therefore have questions for him. Why is this acceptable? What is the solution? Should you let it slide? If I can see it why can’t you? And ultimately how do you beat people who have ruled over their fiefdoms with impunity since the very first day they sipped from the silver spoon?

The reality is that the wealthy own us. They dictate to us. They set the agenda. They imprison us in a world of uncertainty and anguish. They divert. They subvert and they conquer,

Furthermore, Mainstream Media Outlets are bound by conservative owners and selfish wealth consolidation experts. How are we to overcome this concentration of conservative ideals? How are the broader population going to see humanity flourish in an environment of government sponsored suffocation and repression?

You son. You and your friends need to get out and vote next time for parties that reflect everyone not just the selfish and vocal few. Not the parties of your parents for they are failing you! Get out and make yourself heard. Waging a social war from your armchair just won’t cut it. And this extends to all the issues that cause outrage within your community which barely last for a news cycle until the next soy, decaf, mocha latte is served along with a smashed avocado.

Burning on the myopic stage of protest for the briefest of moments does not amount to a movement. The voice must be constant. Must be eloquent, Must be driven to succeed. Statistics are manipulated and massaged to represent vested interests and are used to deny a voice to the masses. And it is you, the young, who are suffering the most and when our future thinkers suffer, we all suffer.

How many students and families are there currently being saddled with debt by successive Federal and State governments who just cannot access life after education? How many of our young adults lack the security of permanent paid work? Austerity for the poor and economic isolation awaits. Regional disadvantage and the fracture of the social construct are the norm. Incentives for the rich and a bleak horizon represented by the gig economy awaits. And if you think that this struggle is real only for aspiring young adults, then you are sadly mistaken. If you have had adversity in your life, try getting back on the horse once it has bolted. It is virtually impossible.

AND NOW the environment in which you could lose yourself in the music and forget your woes is disappearing or in most cases gone due to the gentrification and over development of the spaces that the young ruled. Entitled and forgetful seniors dismiss and disown their own youthful exploits in favour of an urbanisation project that steals your future.

It takes nothing to ‘like’ a comment on Facebook but it takes energy, passion and drive to stand up and make your government fear you. The government does not fear anyone’s opinion under the age of 30 and they should. They should quake when you collectively rage against their manifesto of suppression. They should be intimidated by your boundless energy. But most of all they should RESPECT you..

To achieve their own political ends, they rely on voter APATHY and the depressive state of being ‘locked out’.

Locked out from enjoyment. Locked out from property ownership. Locked out from permanent employment. Locked out from penalty rates. Locked out from Life.

But conversely you are locked into a self serving cycle of austerity measures that stimulate the creation of a sub class of citizens always looking over their shoulders to see what will be taken away. Locked into a state of xenophobia, fear and protectionism that is clawing at the foundations of our democracy.

To be told continually by the entitled that you don’t count, that you are not relevant, that the needs and ideas of the older generation are more important than yours is UNACCEPTABLE. So get off Snap, Twits and your Facebook McBoatface and picket the Houses of Parliament. Stand at that gate. Tell them each and every day.


Use your democratic rights. No one ever achieved anything with a minimum effort. That’s not to say that people have not been trying. I know we have all chipped in to the emerging concept of change for the people but the herd mentality must take hold of our political thinkers to give impetus to any movement.

I know of many that are similarly aligned but it would appear the traction is not there, Why? Because the politicians do not believe they will lose some skin over issues that are supported by people with a short attention span. Arrogant in their belief that the young will lose interest. That whilst we are looking over there we won’t see what is happening in front of us.

Motivate. Invigorate. Instigate and Generate. Inclusion, Infusion and Collusion. The nurturing of community and the firm belief that we all matter. The passionate embrace of our fellow human beings where life rather than money is held as a core principle. A brighter future should be more than a dream but a goal within reach for all. And in particular a goal that is achievable for the young.

Too altruistic? Too Hippy? Too unrealistic? I see you sitting at home at the weekend with your middle aged parents because there is nowhere to go, no place to be, no money to support that activity anyway and if you can do any of the above, the fun police will soon shut it down for you.

You can only win if you shout ‘no’ at the ballot box. If you follow the mainstream political parties or don’t force them to change, you will just allow the status quo to continue and everyone will lose and we are all fed up with losing. Is it not about time that the young came first? You are not lazy. You are not greedy. You want the same as everyone else. A chance to be better.

Don’t allow the ruling elite to dictate to you. Make changes. Get involved. Stand up. Create your future. For the sake of all of us become the future we are slowly squandering. Reclaim it in your own image. Not ours. The longer you wait and sit on the couch the farther away your dreams will be until they are just the fleeting whimsy of youth and resigned to a picture album of missed opportunities.

Seize your future. Take it back. Its yours to own. Preserving monuments to political ineptitude will ultimately see us repeat our mistakes time and again until there is nothing left but the discarded relics of a bygone history. My future is not your future. Your future is yours to mold.

Can you do it? My fervent hope is that you will. Learn lessons from those that have died for your basic human rights. Embrace your hopes and dreams. Be the future. Make it so bright that shades will be mandatory and ensure your Dad gets access to flying cars…

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