My Mom is still a staunch Hillary supporter.
L. Donsky-Levine

I agree this is the time to think about 2020. At this age I sometimes wish time would just go a little slower. Four years does seem like the blink of an eye-usually. Now I find myself saying how will I get through these four long years. I know waiting them out is not the answer.

Concerned enough to play tricks with my head, I have set my calendar to alert me every hundred days. It might be more tolerable in 14 segments. I know we have a system for that. Months are nice but I was looking at just too many of them.

The important feature of my new and improved calendar is an alert scheduled to appear on my computer screen and ask, “what will you do with the next hundred days?” It should serve as a reminder to stay active, to see that this doesn’t happen again.

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