Thoughts on the past 100 days

And the next

March 4, 1933- An American president was inaugurated and asked for wartime powers to deal with the depression.

March 6- He proclaimed a national bank holiday.

March 9- He sent emergency banking proposals to congress. Congress passed them.

March 10- He sent an economy message to congress asking power to cut 500 million dollars from veteran and payroll expenditures.

March 11- He ordered banks to reopen on a staggered schedule. The house passed the economy bill.

March 13- He asked congress to pass beer-wine legislation

March 14- The beer-wine bill was passed by the house.

March 15- The senate passed the economy bill 62–13.

March 16- He sent a farm relief message to congress.

The senate passed the beer-wine bill 45–30.

March 17 The house sent the Beer-wine bill to conference.

That was the first 12 days.

I know, it was a different time, different circumstances, surely a different congress. And of course now we know what the next two decades held for our country — lest anyone think I list these facts as a blueprint for the beginning of a perfect presidency.

As we ask ourselves what the current resident of the White House has accomplished in 100 days, let us also ask, what have you and I done? What are we doing to mitigate the damage we have allowed.

In January, I blocked the ‘Real’ Twitter account. While it felt empowering I don’t suppose it was helpful to anyone who was not sitting at my desk. I have set my calendar to alert me every 100 days so that I may ask the question, what have I done? And what will I do in the next 100 days.

I would be interested in hearing what others are doing.

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