Dear Ralph Bakshi

We met one time in Winnipeg back in 2011. You might not remember me too well, but I was the long-haired kid that one of the instructors introduced to you.

You were giving a seminar of sorts about your years of work in the
movie industry, and I was clearly more than

Remember this dweeb?

excited to meet the (in)famous Ralph Bakshi. There weren’t that many people in the room and there were maybe only a dozen or so fans of your work.

Personally, my favourite of your stuff was Fire and Ice, in cooperation with one of my favourite comic artists, Frank Frazetta. Heavy Traffic is a close second in my opinion, and all of your influence is drastically underrated.

Anyways, I’m still continuing my art career, but I’m also back in college to being a film producer and writer. I still hold your work in high regard, and I wanted to know something that you might be privy to…
How do you make something so provocative in this era of social political correctness that isn’t an easy cop-out of making fun of the US president?

Are you planning on coming out of retirement for one last production like Hiyao Miyazaki?


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