About me

Hey all, I am Maddy and I am very excited to be one of the students going to Nicaragua with everyone. I am 15 years old and am from Vail, Colorado. In the Vail Valley I enjoy hiking, backpacking, mountain-biking, and skiing. At my school I participate in the theater productions and am on the varsity soccer team. I love adventuring and traveling occationaly surf and play the Ukulele. I am beyond excited to be traveling with everyone to Nicaragua this summer!

This was over the summer when I went on a backpacking trip in Estas park with a group of friends ( I am the one in blue on the left end)
This was on a mountain bike trip I went on for a week in Fruita (I am the girl in blue towards the back)
This is from a scavenger hunt competition I did with some of my classmates ( I am the one all the way to right on the end)
I have been leaning Spanish for 10 years and I recently had a Language and Culture Immersion trip To Coasta Rica. Here I am learning how to cook a traditional dish called Pico de Gallo
Every year my family and I road trip to California to visit family. This is one of the pictures I took out side of my uncle’s house after a long day of surfing in La Jolla shores.
Over the corse of the year I enjoy playing soccer. This is a picture of me and some of my team mates after a round of soccer golf (I am the one wearing green on the left)
Over the year my school takes students on hut trips. Hut trips are where you go back packing in the winter but insted of hiking up and down you attach skies to your feet and skin up and ski down. This picture was after skinninig up to the 10th mountain hut.
My family loves to travel, in this picture we were in Paris, France ( I was the little girl in blue)
I also like to partisipate in some of the plays at my school, this was me in my friend durin gone of our preformances of West Side Story ( I am on the left)
I have grown up in the small ski town community of Vail where skiing has always been a part of my life
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