All or Nothing, A Pretty Easy Choice

Do you believe in “all or nothing?”

To achieve/create amazing things, you have to put 100% of yourself in it, correct?

I have been hearing it and thinking about it quite a lot lately, and I have come to a conclusion.

I think what makes anything more than just mediocre or average is that you put all of yourself into the project. That’s how it stands out from the rest of the noise.

You can absolutely create something good and useful to others without being 100% in love with the idea.

But how worth it was it putting all that effort into it without that proud feeling you get when you release your work out to the world.

I do not know about you, but for me if my heart is not in it makes the project take twice as long with twice the stress!

Yeah, yeah, we have things we HAVE to do, we have bills to pay.

But if you get caught up in non-passion projects, you begin to see side effects in yourself.

You become less excited about the work you once LOVED.

You become more stressed and frazzled, it could be hard to think straight.

You may lose sight of your “Why.”

So if you still have to still do non-passion projects till you can live on only what you love and are invested in, keep your “Why” in the crosshairs!

Does it have to be all or nothing?

Maybe not, but it is a Billion times better when it is!

Melisssa Rotunno

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