Don’t Just Sit Around All Day!


No, not your computer or application, refresh your body and mind! I am sure so many of you have heard this by now, “Sitting is the new smoking.”

Meaning sitting down for long periods of time is just as bad for you as smoking is.

Well, that is not good news for us editors (unless you have a standing desk, which is pricey)! I also wonder how many people it makes slouch?

Instead of going out and purchasing a standing desk, or even a treadmill desk (that would be cool), there are ways to get your butts out of the seats without falling behind on your work.

One day I began to upload my video source and notice it was going to take a lengthily amount of time. So instead of stilling around waiting for it, I got my butt up and out in sub-zero temperatures to the gym! After a great workout, which left me feeling great the rest of the day, I came home to see my video waiting for me.

Now this next tip not only helps with the sitting part but also for those who at times find themselves easily distracted. I set an alarm on my phone every hour on the hour.

I get up I stretch, I walk around, I do light cardio, anything to get the blood flowing again.

Now I know, I know, “But I have so much to do and not enough time! I have to keep working!”

Remember this, every time you pause and wake up your body, you are also refreshing your mind. You will be able to go back to your project with a fresh pair of eyes and a much better mindset!

In order to keep doing what you love, you have to stay healthy enough to be able to continue working! It is easy to get lost in a project, but that is what the alarm on your phone is for.

As much fun as creating is, we do need to take short breaks throughout our day. So during those times, get up and move!

Melissa Rotunno

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