Is Video Becoming Too Intrusive?

You are hearing everyone, including me, say that, “Video is the future.” But the future of what exactly?

It seems like everything in life is being caught on camera. From businesses, public streets, and private homes with security cameras, to police officers now with body cams, and people posting EVERYTHING in their lives on social media.

Yes, there are benefits to all the above, but those are invading people’s lives not enriching them. They are becoming intrusive and making people wonder when “Big Brother” will take over.

Now, I love George Orwell’s 1984 and I love video. The point is not to monitor every tiny detail, but to emphasize specific items/events/people.

If everything is “important,” then nothing is, right? It kind of voids everything of its meaning.

So maybe it is not, “Video is the future,” but, “Video could be the future if used properly.”

We all have the ability to record and share with the world, and we should. But, and this is a big but, you need to pick and choose carefully what you choose to share.

When used properly, video is informative, entertaining, and convenient, and sometimes all three at once!

Don’t worry about “Big Brother” taking over. Too many of us have the ability to capture and share life’s events with the world. It would be very hard to keep something hidden forever.