Viral Video: Huge Mistake!

When it comes to creating a video for your company to often people try to develop a concept that (at least they think) will reach a large amount of people. Now with the Internet and sites like YouTube we live in the age of the “Viral Video.” Your viral video may be reaching MILLIONS of people, but just how many of those millions is your message resinating with?

Viral videos are fads, they will come and go and soon be replaced by the next fad. You want your video to stick around and create value to those you reach. “The Next Big Thing” is never anything I bought into simply because it will eventually be replaced by, you guessed it, “The Next Big Thing.”

Now you can have a quantity of quality, but it is quality that draws people to you in the first place. When your video resonates with people they are able to see the value you have to offer, and this gives you “staying power.” A viral video has no foundation for sticking around and will crumble once it is out of the lime light.

It may not seem like it at times but all those major companies conduct a lot of research into it’s market before producing it’s videos. They learn what their consumers are looking for and connect with them on an EMOTIONAL level. And that, not a viral videos, keeps them loyal customers.

Video is an amazing medium to connect with people, and there are so many ways it can express a single emotion. So before you start to make your video think who needs your help and who will gain the most value from you, work to reach out to those people. Do you want to be the flame that burned to bright, or do you want to keep providing light to those around you?

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