When Do You Jump?

To jump-cut, or not to jump-cut, that is the question…

For those who do not know, a jump-cut is when you have an edit between two very similar pieces of video. And when you playback the video you see this slight little jump (hence the name) between the two shots.

If you have been on YouTube within the past, oh I don’t know several years, I am pretty sure you have seen this style of editing.

Now if you are going to just create a video blog, this style of editing is more than fine. In fact, I use it in my video blogs myself.

But personally, I feel that if you are creating a story for people to follow, I would stay clear of ANY jump-cuts.

It is a quick and abrupt jump in your video that will make people start to wonder if they really did just see something odd. It takes them out of the story and distracts them from what is now happening.

The point is to pull your audience in and bring them along with your story. The last thing you want to do is to distract your audience and take the focus off your story.

Even if you have to use similar shots back to back, there are several creative ways to make the transition look smooth.

You can use a dissolve, a dip to color, or another transitional effect.

You can zoom in on one of the shots to make it look like a different shot.

You can even zoom in and add motion to one of the shots.

Long story short, keep the jump-cuts to video blogs and Snapchat. Keep your audience engaged in your story with no distractions!

Melissa Rotunno


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