Five Tips to Manage Common Makeup Mishaps

Realizing, just before leaving the house, that you have messed up your eye shadow can spoil your day. Being irritated and annoyed over it also won’t help much. The solution is to find some tips and tricks that can guide you to fix the problem quickly. Here are five solutions to the most common makeup mishaps that women experience.

common makeup mishaps

Too Much Foundation: Sometimes while mixing foundation in a cream, the quantity of foundation becomes too much. If you’re worried about the cakey look, here’ what you should do. Dab a little bit of the concealer on a brush and spot the troubled areas. Do not spot the entire face. Alternatively, apply the concealer with your ring finger and pat it on the affected skin area.

Messy Eye Shadow: If you have applied excess eye shadow or blended it poorly, don’t panic. Fix it using a fan brush by sweeping it off. To prevent it from happening in the first place, keep your makeup order clear. First put your eye makeup, and then move on to the foundation. This simple application order saves you a lot of mess as well as time.

Smudged Lipstick: Do you get nightmares about not realizing that you’ve smudged your lipstick before going out? The only way to get rid of them is to always apply a little bit of foundation using damp cotton or a concealer blush, and use of a no-smudge pout. In case the mess looks a bit too much to handle, draw a lip line with cotton or concealer to remove the excess lipstick and then reapply. Going for the Hydrafull Gloss Set — a clinically tested gloss proven to help maintain lip hydration and fullness — can help you too.

Clumpy Blush: Just like all other mishaps, noticing a clumpy blush while stepping out of home can be a big put off. The solution to defeat it, however, is pretty easy. So stay calm, and spread the blush using a brush. Blend it evenly on your face till it looks the same from all sides. Then rub a fine layer of translucent powder on your cheeks in circular motions, and you’re done.

Thin Eyebrows: Did you make your eyebrows thinner than usual this time? That’s nothing to worry about thanks to brow pencils. Get one to draw an extra line along the eyebrow. An easy alternative is the mascara wand. Clean and use it to dust your brows, and then apply dark brown eyeshadow to match the color. It will help you fill the gaps and look better.

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