The Body Knows

The body knows what the mind does not.

In the world today we seem to have so many items competing with one another. Did I pay this months rent, what bills are due, can I make the movie on time, will they go on a date with me, what if I’m wrong, what if I’m right? As we rush from one daily scene to another, we need to consciously stop and ask our body, is this right? The body knows.

If I listen to my body, it can tell me so many things. Some are easy …. am I hungry? Thirsty? Tired? Sleepy? Others take some further and deeper probing.

When I ask my body a tough question, I need to pay attention to the answer it gives. The tough questions are the questions that involve the heart and soul. These questions become tough when the body knows what the mind refuses to acknowledge. I’ve had these questions throughout my life.

My body knew I should quit a job before my mind. It told me through a tightness in my chest when I drove near the job site. My body knew in the headaches it gave me that I could not stay in a relationship. In so many ways my body tells me things — but only when my mind realizes it needs to stop and listen to my body. Stop and listen.

Stopping and listening does not seem to happen enough, yet I am slowly finding ways to bring the two together. When I do yoga, meditate, long walks in the woods — these are connectors. If I go beyond listening to music but rather live in it, I am connected. Find your connectors and apply them

I’m far from being a good listener to my body, yet I know that I am improving. So ask you body how it is responding to something, it will tell you if you listen hard enough, the body knows.

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