Opening the Drawbridge

To have any chance of success, we cannot attack a fortress with just a few insurgents on the inside. We must think strategically. A common tactic that has a much higher degree of success is to slip your best few ninjas into the fortress to open the doors for the army that is waiting right outside the walls. Sanders, Gabbard, Turner, etc. are the ninjas and we are the army waiting outside. We must remember that they do not have all the doors open yet, so they must continue to be stealthy.

This is why Bernie has urged us to run for office and help others to run. So that we may get more of our ninjas on the inside to fight there and to open more doors. This is also why he has not taken any serious steps to stop the mass protest and #demexit. He has made the obligatory statements that they all must make to remain within the establishment.

Bernie is still our ninja, he is still opening doors and so is Tulsi. They do not have to tell us to be ready and waiting by the doors because we have already made it clear that we are. Not everything needs to be spoken, nor should it be.

The war has literally just begun and we have gotten through an impressive number of barriers. We have crossed the moat, battled the dragons and the archers. We lost a lot of good soldiers and are feeling really beat down right now and our army has not breached the walls. But, even in our loss, we have succeeded. We have many ninjas who have infiltrated the fortress walls. They are lowering the draw bridge right now.

Some of our ninjas may betray us, that is normal in war. Some of them may only appear to betray us so they can continue to open doors. Our job is to watch the doors and rush in as soon as they open, we can do nothing about the ninjas inside from outside the fortress walls.

Let’s be patient, but prepared. Our time is coming. I’m choosing to take a position as a field medic (aka, the Green Party). I very much would like to follow the lead of #Jill2016 and be a political healer for those in the trenches.

There are many other positions available, like frontline soldiers (protest and civil disobedience), infiltrators (new Berniecrat politicians), PsyOps (creating social change), counter-intelligence (legally challenging fraud and corruption)…well the list goes on. Find you place and dig your trench. :)

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