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I recently needed to cover a support ticket inbox due to office annual leave overlap. I was reminded of just how critical a function customer support is in a growing business.

Customer support is where you’ll get a reality check on how a product/service is performing. It’s where you’ll get an honest impression on how people using that product/service are feeling. And it’s not just research or product teams that benefit from reading support tickets and taking them seriously.

Are you someone who wants to check in on the overall business mission or vision? Support tickets provide that pulse.

Are you a decision maker who needs to prioritise resources and energy? Support tickets can guide you here. …

I’m naturally confident. I call difficult situations myself when I need to, I hold myself accountable and I face challenges head on. So when I realised I had become a phobic flyer and could no longer face air travel it got me down. A lot.

I felt like I had a deep and embarrassing flaw that singled me out from others, my personal kryptonite. I couldn’t deal with a part of life that others found easy. I couldn’t accept rational, scientific facts that should make the fear lessen and allow me to hop on a holiday like all my peers. I was ‘the woman who couldn’t fly’. It got to the stage where I would look up at planes in the sky and start to feel a sense of dread come over me. I stopped flying for 18 months and it paralysed me, until I decided that fear, in this situation, was a choice. …

Reflecting on one full calendar year dedicated to customer experience design in a young company.

2018 was the first full calendar year I have worked, where I concentrated fully on customer experience; models, theories, strategies and then implications.

I wanted to reflect on the year and got the opportunity to so by giving a short, Pecha Kucha style presentation last month at a great Dublin based design event called Defuse: Design for use.

In 20 slides, you’re asked to present on your chosen theme and get your points across within 5 minutes. I used it as an opportunity to talk about the past years work; how to shift a teams mindset to fully consider customers, changes in front line processes, tweaks in company culture…and how to be on your customer AND your teams side in order to move customer insights to actions. …

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Our tagline is, ‘Investing is for everyone, we show you how’. This means that we are constantly developing and redesigning the Invest app to make sure that it is the most enjoyable investing experience around.

We’ve recently updated the Focus section of the MyWallSt app, and this week, we’ve just released another new update to the Invest app that we think will be very helpful.

We’re Moving ‘You’

The ‘You’ section was originally introduced to the MyWallSt app as a way for our community to access all the details related to their subscription and brokerage account in one place, as well as get in touch with us easily.

In the latest update of the MyWallSt app, however, we’ve moved ‘You’ to a new side-menu.

This collapsible menu is accessible from all parts of the app and within, you’ll find all of the important details related to your subscription and other settings, as well as a dedicated ‘Help’ centre. …

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“I’ll add something to your diary”

“Ok, but please think about it”

I’m working on my approach to leading and facilitating meetings and these are the questions I am currently asking myself:

Are we plagued by meetings? How many meetings are acceptable in any one day? How efficient are meetings really? And how much of a time-thief are they for a business when they are not efficient?

Life in tech can sometimes feel like one long meeting. And that’s not good. …


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