Easy Ways To Creating A Content Strategy

When figuring out a strategy for your content you have to take into consideration your target audience and target markets and the interest of that audience. By providing valuable content your readers will be able to trust future content that is created for them to read or even curated content you post.

By looking at analytics you find out quickly what type of material and content resonates well with your audience, keep working on what works for you. No point in changing it and having un happy readers, you can however add to what your doing already and see if those changes create any spikes in stats.

With having a blog you can post all your articles you’ve created on all your social platforms for more reach to a bigger audience instead of people who just read blogs or who read your blog. you may have difference types of audiences on each platform and different people use different platforms for all different reasons.

To help find your own voice you can write out 5 qualities you want your business to resonate with…

Example: fun, informative, inspirational, educational, positive.. and define how that quality interacts with our business.

There are key times and peak times to post content on social media platforms as each one is different and serves as a different outlet. By guest posting on other blogs and also having bloggers guest post on yours is a way to

1) Make blogging friends

2) Build a small community around your and their brand,

3) Have an accountability partner and someone to give good constructive feedback on your business and vice versa.

Some other places to post is on linked groups which is a professional service so keep the posts professional and to who will want that type of information. For FB groups you can grow an audience easily by posting regular and keeping people interested by asking questions, for feedback… etc.

Think carefully about optimal publishing times and stick to it, use a social media scheduler such as “Hootsuite” to push content to your audiences at those peak times if you can’t o it manually because your away from a computer.

Google Anayltics may be hard to understand but use it wisely and use it well is my best advice it can show you so many things that will help build your business with a few simple changes. It can tell you what is working and what isn’t, it’ll give you the social media platforms that are doing well and once you need to work on.

If your just starting out just look at the stats that show you where the readers are coming from and which content is doing the best. By serving the people who do reader it you’ll keep them coming back and they are more likely to share that content.

Make sure as a blogger/Business owner you establish a few things about your audience, this is key to creating content and products/services that they want and need in their life… hello paying customers! It is important to completely under stand your ideal client /ideal reader, by knowing this you should know exactly what they want and when they want it.. Peak times.

Big and small business must take the “Having goals” thing seriously , if you want to have a blog post reach 5000 views in a week or 2 weeks..etc Doing some research and knowing your ideal client will help you reach that goal you’ve set for your business. By structuring blog posts (find out more here) a PDF outline on how to structure a blog post to go viral! Your brand should go hand in hand with your online voice whether it is on social media or in groups your in on FB or linkedin, Your voice should be consistent across all platforms so if your audience decides to jump from one platform to another they won’t be shocked at how different they are seeing your brand.

All social media platforms are different so picking and choose what content should go where can be a strategy all on its own, as twitter is different than Facebook and linkedin is different from Instagram… etc It is ok to be very choosey .. is that a word…. on what types of content go where…. as you should because posting certain things to Instagram that should be on linkedIn may result in a loss of an audience.

Once you have your content strategy set out whether it be in note form on just on paper or on excel on a content calendar, by reviewing it weekly or bi-monthly you’ll see what is working and where to change it up and try something different the following weeks. Nothing you do will be perfect right off the bat it’ll take time so mark down the changes you see month to month and within 6 months you’ll be able to narrow it down even more to a well defined strategy.

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