How To Rock At Email List Building

Isn’t everyone trying to grow their email list these days???? YEP

As some would say.. the money is in the list! Grow & nurture it and you’ll be happy you did.. all the way to the bank.

Does likes trump an email list..? Yes !

It’s not easy growing your list.. geez that’s like watching paint dry…. ugh but if you want to be able to sell services & products.. then you’re going to have to grow one… ( An email list).

My first try at building my list was hosting a free 1 hour webinar on my pinterest strategy that I used to grow my pinterest views from 5700 views monthly to 30,000 in less than 2 months.

By offering and promoting the webinar I succeeded in starting to build my list… first webinars can be a disaster.. lucky mine went off without any really issues…

Did I make any sales.. no , Did I have people sign up for my list to attend the webinar.. yes I sure did… and once I started seeing people signing up to my list… I thought.. Hmm I can do this!

I don’t need a list of 100,000 people… as nice as that would be… but I’m now focusing on list building while growing my coaching business.

Without any more rambling on, here’s how to ROCK at list building…

WHY Build A List

First off let me start by saying the “Why” of list building is simple…. but I’ll explain it a little more in detail. Think of it this way.. You have control over your email list as with social media.. you don’t because with social you can’t choose how big your account gets.. well in some ways you can but the platforms nowadays are making it that much harder for people’s content to be in front of tons of people. Instead they make you pay for that with ads and without ads your content only gets shown to a select amount & type of people.

If people start and figure out how to growth hack Pinterest or as Nathan Chan has done with Foundr Magazine, he grew his Instagram to 650K in just over a year. All Instagram has to do is change their algorithm and people will now have to try and figure that out… basically starting all over again.

If someone is allowing you to send them emails then you’re allowed into their virtual home basically…. People seem to dislike reading and going thru emails.. I know I do. But I do subscribe to a lot of things.. which I shouldn’t because then my inbox gets full. If you have an email list and are looking to launch products or services then you will more than likely find the buyers in the list. A general rule of thumb 2% of the list will buy from you.

An email list can build your brand awareness & authority

HOW To Build A List

This is the tricky part although some of the “big timers” have huge lists and make it look easy.. I assure you it isn’t but it can be simple in some ways so don’t get frazzled just yet. If you have NO ideas on what to send your list and or how to start growing it then you’re in the right place. I’m going to dish some of the details on building your list.. nothing happens overnight and can work out to be a money maker for you in the end.

An easy way to start building a list is to NOT start creating new content, repurpose old content & create freebies/worksheets/pdf’s …etc to get an email address. Look through your old content & pick the top 5 blog posts and create something that you can get an email address.. which is most sacred to people. As people are very iffy about giving their email.

If you have products and services you can also send a reminder to them about what you have to offer as long as you aren’t annoying them. Send updates to them weekly if you’re creating a product or going to be offering a service them. People like to know when something will be available to them, by giving dates to them you can keep them in the loop. BUT If you set a dates… deliver ON THAT DATE!

Treat your blog home page like a landing page, and capture an email right when people land on it. By checking your analytics you’ll be able to tell where your traffic is landing on the most, then you can take that and build up that. I’m sure i’m going to be repeating myself a lot here but by putting a CTA (call to action ) in multiple places on your blog/website.

Pop ups are annoying.. I’m aware but some people don’t realize that they are very effective at collecting emails. Pop ups can come in many different forms as they can be a bar at the top of the blog such as the “HELLO BAR” , and also in the sidebar.. which people do avoid looking to the right on a blog knowing there will be ads trying to sell them something.

Give your audience multiple reasons and multiple chances to sign up to your email list, people love free worksheets, ebooks, checklists.. etc. If you have something valuable to give them .. do it!

Attach something valuable to your email signup form and make sure they get it by signing up with a follow up welcome email.

When you create an email make sure you keep the link they give you handy because you can use that to post on social media platforms and gain more subscribers. Don’t spam people with the link to signup but start with a conversation and see what they are interested in.

Would you join an email list if the pop up said there are about 7500 other people reading the newsletters? I would!

If you have something that you can give proof of then use that as social proof to gain some trust and authority with new subscribers.

What to use to Build your list!

The most simplest thing to use to grow your list is a freebie which is something that your readers/audience can download and give you an email address for. When thinking of offering something for free to your readers keep it relating to your brand and or your blog topic. No point in giving them something that has nothing to do with your business /blog.

Am I right!??!?!

If you have an irresistible offer to give your readers put that on your homepage so that is the first thing they see when they land on your home page.

You’re not the only one that is stuck wondering what to send their email list, most people just have no idea what to create. Most times they just don’t know what their readers want.. so ask in:

:FB Groups

:Twitter search


:Create survey in google forms

Once you get the feedback then go ahead and create what they want, it’s the easiest way to gain subscribers to an email list.

Here are things you can create to grow your email list:

Start by creating free one page PDF, and or any other type of download.. such as ebooks, checklists, etc. A simple checklist “ a checklist on tech systems to start a blog” then you just create that list. When using “content upgrades” to your blog post make sure they know that bonus content! Use a Call To Action too!

When creating & writing up your newsletter you can also give your current subscribers a behind the scenes look at your business life and or blog. The goal by doing this is to give your readers a more personal look at you and your business.

Just Be You.

If you’re making a decent income from your blog/business then feel free to use your income reports and how you created that income to use as an opt-in. If you’re brave enough to do this, then this is proof of how to create an income using your blog/business.

Is your traffic booming and you have gone thru your analytics and created a mini case study for your blog. Feel free to use that as an opt-in and let people know how you got the traffic you did and what you used to get it.


A PDF version of your article

A checklist

An instructional video

A template

A list of tools or resources

An infographic

Got some bonus content you created and only want it to go to email subscribers.. use it as an opt-in and state that it is “exclusive content” give your readers a reason to download it and give you an email address in exchange for the content.

For some reason people love exclusive content as it will make them feel special and in the loop with your business. But make sure it is targeted and specifically relates to your article that it is attached to.

Exit Pop ups… Do They Work?

You know when you’re ready to leave a website and then another pop up comes up.. how the hell do they know you’re getting ready to exit? Hmmm Odd.. But take advantage of this because sometimes it works if the reader has not subscribed yet. Offer a bonus incentive for them to give in and give you an email address. Weather you offer a free email e-course, or a mini e-course, webinar.. etc… It can be anything but make sure it will resonate with them to get their email address.

Email Course:

Think you have a free 7 day email e-course in you than why not create one as it could be an easy way to gain subscribers and also showcase your expertise in the topic. Using an email course can be solving a small problem your ideal client may have and so you can help them and in turn you may gain some paying clients for your business from it.

Some have used an email course to blow up their email list, like by 1000’s when all they did was create the first 2 modules and then promote it and see if it was something their audience needed and wanted and then all you have to do is create the rest of it as you go or all at once.

Using your email list easiest way to communicate with the readers of your list.


-Strong lead magnet / opt-in

-Build List

-Use your list to build your business/blog

If you have any questions about list building feel free to leave them in the comments and or you can email me

-Meaghan S.

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