Being on a diet sucks.

Limiting your portions sucks.

Making healthy choices day after day sucks.

“Brown-bagging” your lunch instead of going out to eat with your coworkers sucks.

Trying to find something everyone at the table will eat without complaining sucks, especially when they’re not worried about portion control and nutrition the way you are.

Avoiding temptation at the office sucks.

Trying to not spend your entire paycheck on groceries sucks.

The sustainable smart thing to do when trying to eat healthier is make it a lifestyle (long-term) change, rather than think about it as a “diet” (short-term change), but it’s a ton of work!

We’d all much rather just eat comfort food, “wing it”, snack on whatever junk we wanted to whenever we felt like it, and damn the consequences, but that usually leads to numerous health problems and makes us unhappy with the way we look. It doesn’t help that finding healthy recipes, planning out what we need to cook, buying all the ingredients, and keeping track of what we eat is a giant pain, either. Different sources and tools don’t work well together, nutrition information is inaccurate, recipes are incomplete or confusing, and on and on.

Want to count nutrients instead of calories?

Figure out your next cheat meal and put it on your calendar so that looking forward to it can help you stay on track?

Increase your protein intake to bust that plateau in the gym?

Manage a chronic health condition?

Find a great new recipe to go with your favorite bottle of wine?

Find another option for your weekly prep that isn’t chicken, sweet potatoes, brown rice, or egg whites?

Stop having to go to the grocery store every 2 days because you keep running out of something you need to have on hand?

Throw away less food because you didn’t use something up fast enough?

The goal of Meal Plan Messiah is to provide a set of compatible, flexible, powerful tools that make the process of planning and preparing meals that meet your needs as simple and convenient as possible. In a word, easy. To help you live the life that makes sense for you, to be as happy, healthy, and as fit as you want to, whatever those goals may be.

So, what do you struggle with? Let us know, so that as we design the system, we can address your needs!

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