5 Best Restaurants and Breakfast in Dubai

5 Best Restaurants and Breakfast in Dubai

Wondering what’s the best way to start your day in Dubai? Get ready and enjoy a delicious meal with a beautiful view. Breakfast is the most important meal that sets the mood for the day, and it’s only good if you do it right.

La Pointe has some of the best cafes and restaurants with unique experiences. The variety of food at Pointe cafes is amazing and the best you will find on Palm Jumeirah. After a delicious breakfast, you can find a nice place and start your work. Nothing beats the good work experience and vibes you get while working at a cafe in Dubai.

1. Saya Cafe

Saya Cafe at The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah is a delight. Their concept of a la carte menu, bespoke dessert and the richest Moroccan hummus ensures the complete satisfaction of every customer.

The air is warm and complements the beautiful decorations and beautiful views of the Palm Fountain, making it one of the best shopping malls in Dubai. When you enter Saya Cafe, you will feel like a dream.

The restaurant offers a beautiful place for clicking Instagram-worthy photos with a pink interior, pink velvet chairs, neon signs, pink flowers and a large flower wall. Not only in aesthetics, but Saya offers many delicious pink-themed dishes.

So whether you want to have an American breakfast while doing your work or enjoy a delicious coffee with your friends or partner, Saya Cafe is the best choice for it.

2. Al Beirut

Located at the Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, Al Beiruti is the perfect place to start your day with an authentic Lebanese breakfast. With a vibrant energy and an open Lebanese touch, this retro cafe offers you an intimate atmosphere to relax while enjoying a Lebanese breakfast.

Al Beirut is always filled with alluring aromas, creating the perfect atmosphere for working in peace or having a good time with friends. Al Beiruti honors the soul of the city by combining old memories with a new desire to provide hospitality to the Lebanese people.

From the comfortable environment inside to the beautiful design with a spectacular view of the world’s largest fountain, Al Beiruti is definitely one of the best cafes working in Dubai. When you enter Al Beiruti, you will find in an instant that the crowd continues to rave about the perfectly executed Lebanese dishes, the Beirut interior, the open kitchen with a view of your favorite dishes, and Lebanese hospitality.

Al Beiruti has something special for all times of the day. So, after you finish your work with a perfect cup of coffee, you can eat your favorite Lebanese food with your family or spend the evening with your friends over a well-made shisha.

3. Kazoza
Kazoza is one of those unique friendly cafes that offer a magical experience. It is located at the western end of the Pointe, Palm Jumeirah. This Egyptian restaurant serves a variety of food from all regions of Egypt.

If you want something special in the morning, try famous Egyptian dishes, including Pharos Falafel, Hawawshi and Kebda, and Kazoza. Unlike other cafes, it offers a unique experience for customers as you can enter, eat, and learn the different aspects of Egyptian cuisine in the kitchen.

4. Al-Safadi

One of the best parts of working in the city in Dubai is easily finding a seat at a great cafe with an amazing view and vibe. If this is your lifestyle, you will love frequenting Al Safadi at the Pointe, Palm Jumeirah. Al Safadi has earned its reputation for serving high-quality, authentic Lebanese food. They also offer a variety of Arabic dishes, salads, soups and hot and cold starters. If you want to start your day with a healthy and delicious breakfast, Al Safadi is the best choice.

They have specific meals between 9 am and 1 pm. It includes labneh, lean, fat with vegetables or non-vegetables, different types of hummus, cheese, etc.

As for the environment, they have a beautiful indoor and outdoor living area with a beautiful view of the Palm Jumeirah making it one of the best hotels in Dubai.

5. Fnajeen

Fnajeen Restaurant and Cafe is a beautiful place with indoor and outdoor areas. It offers traditional Iraqi food that you can enjoy while enjoying your work. One of their must-try dishes is Mesopotamian, which has traditional flavors with a modern twist. Their food comes from different cultures such as Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian and the feasts are prepared during festivals.

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