I was reading an article about managing time.

And I kind of resent what the author said about Podcasts.

My first podcast I had ever listned to was: Welcome to Night Vale. It was a time during my life when I was very lonely. I would listen and relisten and feel safe, or at home. I would listen to Night Vale while driving to school (a particular lonely time of the day).

The article said that with podcasts, we don’t learn anything, so therefore we shouldn’t listen to them. My point is, that’s not really what a podcast is about. Podcasts are meant to, at it’s basic, fill the silence in our heads when we can’t think. When there is nothing going on, there’s something we can listen to. Sure, sometimes we need the silence. I myself this morning found tge radio off for the entire ride to work. But other times, we need short clips of a human voice. Radiolab once said:

Voice is like touch, at a distance.

And that rings true.

P.S. if you’re not learning anything from podcasts, what are you listening to? I can tell you this morning during work I learned about a new technology that is flying high above ground and monitoring the people of the city. The story talked about several instances where it put criminals to jail. Criminals who murdered or burglarized.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just depending on what you listen to, what your learning style is, and how you listen to the podcast.

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