Stuck in the Middle
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The response by D J B in the comments makes me love this post even more. :) It’s remarks like his that prove where the real divide remains here. There is one half arguing that the president and government are working against the people-dictating policy w/ money, intelligence and sneaky foreign relations for the very first time in their lifetime— putting it all on Trump and his admin. Anyone who doesn’t think that we are being controlled by a dictator who is “literally Hitler ” is either a promoter of Nazis /Fascists or just literally both. Then there’s the other half of us who know that everything they are so fiercely object is agreeably what is wrong with our government BUT — As this half has said all year— the fight should be at the people who caused it and that would be the last 4 presidents and the current GOP AND DNC.Nnot the current president or his admin.…. Not to mention Obama was actually the worst president as far as any sort of campaign promise or transparency.. Sorry for the rant .its just such a grossly manipulated message is baffles me. Anyway-Great writing -thanks for sharing ✌️

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