Brian Williams Opens Up About Winning Club Championships with Johnny Bravo

Brian Williams, Emmy award winning anchor and Johnny Bravo’s most decorated captain spoke candidly yesterday about the team’s successful 2014 season.

“Even I had doubts early in the season about whether or not we had what it took to get the franchise its first Nationals win,” Williams stated. “I know people made a big fuss about Brodie Smith, Kurt Gibson, and myself, but big names alone won’t bring home a gold medal.”

Williams was quick to draw attention to Bravo’s close game at Regionals against Austin’s Doublewide. “If I hadn’t come down with the big grab from Brodie on universe point, we might have been in an entirely different spot going into Nationals,” said Williams. “I’m just happy we didn’t let things like the Pro Flight Finale keep us down mentally and we bounced back strong when it counted.” Williams was quick to praise his team’s mental strength and ability to close out a long tournament like Club Nationals.

Williams other accolades this season include being named a member of Ultiworld’s Top 5 Backfields (alongside Bart Watson) and winning the Farricker Spirit Award.

When asked what his plans were for this season, the 55-year old, Peabody Award-winner remained elusive only stating his schedule would be fairly full running the NBC Nightly News, spending time with his family, and playing in the MLU with the San Francisco Dogfish.