Missing: Goose Accidentally Flies North

Scientists are baffled at reports of Goose migrating to Alberta, Canada this winter instead of someplace warm in the southern United States. Residents of the Edmonton area have been calling in reports non-stop since early February.

Goose: known for displaying bright colors and impressive jumps

“It’s a strange place to be for a Goose common to Florida,” said Petr Sidorkin an expert in the migratory patterns of large mammals. “Occasionally you will see this creature as far north as Illinois, but only during the extremely warm summer months.”

One theory about the migration north instead of south is that northerly warm fronts are fooling Goose’s internal compass.

Goose enthusiasts are worried about the trip north fearing that the minus 30F conditions could cause frostbite and even death if shelter is not located soon. Goose was last spotted along the snowy bank of the Red Deer River, but flew off to an island in the river before local wildlife experts could catch it. Authorities said to call your local zoo if you see Goose.

Goose likes warm climates, like those found in the Philippines (pictured)