3 High Quality Products You Can Use To Brand Your Business Without Spending A Fortune

For many small businesses, getting your name out in the marketplace is a struggle. Not only is it time consuming and costly, but you are also competing with larger organizations with what seems to be a bottomless marketing budget. So how can the little guys go and compete with the sharks?

Give to Get!

There’s an old saying that goes like this, “You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. It basically means that you’ll get a better response from people if you are nice to them, than if you are a jerk. How does this apply to branding your business? If you Give to your potential customers, you will Get back. Promotions have been a viable marketing and branding option for as long as people have had things to sell. But, not all promotional materials are created equally. In fact…most are pure junk.

The internet is filled with site after site of companies that will gladly sell you 150 of the latest plastic gimmicks with your logo on it. Most of the time, these products are cheaply made, poorly printed, and for the most part unimpressive. If they don’t impress you, they won’t impress your customers either.

The solution is to go with a higher quality product. This presents budget issues for the local small business owner, as most wholesalers require large minimum orders.

Better Quality Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

My company, Mean Street Graphix, utilizes a unique digital decoration process to imprint full color, HD quality images onto thousands of common use items like YETI tumblers, phone cases, and t-shirts. These images will never peel, flake, scratch off, or fade, lasting the lifetime of the product. And, because everything we do is digital…there are absolutely NO MINIMUM ORDERS on over 90% of the products we offer. That gives you, the small business owner, many more choices when it comes to your marketing/branding budget. Take a look at these 3 products that are sure to wow your client base.

T-Shirts and Other Apparel

There’s nothing better than the T-Shirt to market your business. People love getting free ones, and they love buying them. The problem for small business owners is the cost associated with having them made. Things like screens, inks, artwork fees, minimum orders and other hidden charges (see more here) make the process a real burden for the local business owner.

Our solution requires none of the aforementioned fees and charges. We can also offer no minimum order requirements for your shirt orders. This gives you many freedoms when it comes to custom t-shirt printing. You can purchase FULL COLOR. You can try several designs at the same time. You can also try different styles, colors, etc. And you are not locked in to having to buy 100s of shirts at once.

YETI Style Tumblers and Water Bottles

The stainless steel insulated water tumblers are very popular right now! While these products may be on the high end of the cost spectrum for a give away, they would be perfect for appreciation gifts to those special high profile clients. Branding with promotional products is all about giving the client something they will use daily. These tumblers hit it out of the park in that department!

There are some companies out there that are applying vinyl stickers for tumbler customization. I think this is a mistake. anytime you are putting a sticker on a product that will be handled so often, the wear and tear factor is going to go up drastically. Remember, we want these products to last a long time, so vinyl is not a good option. Instead, I suggest going with our digital decoration process. It’s permanent, and will not fade, flake off, peel away, or chip off.

Like I said, these are more big ticket items for clients you have already closed with. Real Estate closings, and Automotive sales come to mind right away when I think about what types of clients these would work for. If you just made a $3,000 commision, you should be willing to send that client a $20-$30 gift. That’s just smart money.

Coffee Mugs

The old tried and true coffee mug is hands down one of the best marketing tools around. They are inexpensive, but not something that your client is going to toss in a drawer to never be seen again. Think about it…have you ever thrown away a mug that wasn’t broken?

I have a cabinet full of faded and chiped coffee mugs from other companies. Then, I have a bunch right beside them that I have made. Our digital decoration process lasts just as long as the mug, without fading or flaking off. If you buy mugs from us, your clients will always have a nice looking logo or slogan right in front of them. And don’t forget to put your phone number and website on there.

In Closing

You want to brand your business as an authority in your field, not an “also ran”. In order to do this, you must take your efforts to the next level by offering giveaways and promotions that stand apart from your competitors. Using our digital decoration process will give you the ablility to offer higher end products without buying in bulk. This saves you money, space, and gives you more options.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit us at: http://meanstreetgraphix.com

Keith Miller is the owner of Mean Street Graphix, a digital decoration and promotions company in Louisville, KY.