The Meaning archive

Hello. We are Meaning, a conference for better 21st century business. Founded on the belief that business needs to be part of the solution to the challenges of our dynamic and volatile world. This is our first post on Medium. But it isn’t the beginning of our journey.

The first Meaning happened in 2012. And there are lots of blog posts about the event on the NixonMcInnes site where you can read all about why we started the event in the first place. And find signposts to all the nice things our participants have written about the previous years’ events.

The event takes place in November in Brighton, UK. It’s a one-day conference packed with inspiring talks about the possibilities for better business. Sometimes there are workshops. There is always a amazing lunch.

2015 and beyond…

We’ve just launched a shiny new website. There you can see what we’ve got lined up for the 2015 event. Hope you can join us. Tickets are on sale now — be part of the change for better business.