You Can’t Be Socially Progressive and Economically Conservative
Mike Epifani

I can easily be “socially progressive, fiscally conservative”. Guaranteeing human rights for all (really ‘for all’ this time) under the constitution has zero maintenance cost once it’s been pushed through either the Senate or the Courts. We can take a page from Sweden and use non-gendered language like “they/their/them” and solve the whole mess of “well, technically…” that we keep running into with our current set of laws. At the same time, social programs cost a tiny fraction of military ones. Either reform government spending when it comes to military buying (believe me, there is a TON of room for improvement here), or reduce the number of legacy programs so that newer, more cost effective programs can take their place. We don’t need to keep building 50yo designs while we’re also building brand new ones that are much more effective at a fraction of the cost.

When most people talk about being fiscally conservative, they’re only looking at the bottom line. When it comes time to reduce that bottom line, current spending rules and old habits of the military put social programs on the chopping block first.

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