No, use as a weapon requires no energy: if one can prevent radiation and kinetic threats, one can…
matt harbowy

In which case, the rest of the world should have gotten their act together in the interest of their own mutual defense — rather than relying on an independent third party. The only ones that Asgaria would be beholden to would be anyone they were in a treaty with, and then only to the terms of said treaty.

Ultimately, space will be weaponized. There is no avoiding that. The goal of the Outer Space Treaty was to be the first step of deescalation in the Cold War, for Soviet Russia and the United States to both say “I won’t put nuclear weapons in orbit if you won’t either”, as well as curbing both nation’s colonialism to just terrestrial activity. The Cold War is over now. The UN needs a ‘New Outer Space Treaty’, or it will risk losing precedent over such maters when private companies in the U.S., Russia, India, and China begin their ‘land’ grabs in the next few years.

If you follow the later path, and advocate an alternative, then what is the alternative? Do not shoot down criticism with a strawman argument. Especially here, where no one is selling anything. At best, it is a news letter right now.

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