Our Future is in the Hands of Leakers
Jackie Thornhill

You mention three millennial leakers, claiming that millennials love to leak, then mention that the third leaker will only be the 51st to be tried under the Espionage Act in its 100 year history. So, what about all the others charged with espionage? Are they automatically millennials too?

Instead, I propose an alternative: leaking state secrets is a practice for the young, regardless of generation. They haven’t established families, bought properties, or really built anything that they don’t want to risk just yet, then they may leak. All the young adult crowd has are their ideologies and principles. So if they won’t risk those, then the alternative — from their perspective — is to leak.

Leaking is nothing new. Leaking critically important state secrets is nothing new. Stop pretending that it is. The only thing new is the media’s attitude about leaks, and perhaps some of the content of the leaks themselves. We’ve gone from giving away the secrets of atomic weapons, to giving away the secrets of electronic surveillance. I think that speaks to just how significant modern data collection networks are to our governments.