While onboard a Delta flight from Detroit on October 9, Dr. Tamika Cross — an obstetrician/gynecologist from Houston — responded to a flight attendant's call for a physician to assist a fellow passenger in distress. After raising her hand to volunteer, Dr. Cross was asked by the flight attendant if she was an “actual physician.” To add insult to injury, the flight attendant demanded Dr. Cross produce her credentials to verify that she was, indeed, a physician.

Dr. Cross detailed her disappointment and frustration on Facebook where she noted that she “was sick of being disrespected” as a woman of color. Her story has now been shared more than 48,000 times and received over 21,000 comments. Delta, for its part, indicated that the “experience Dr. Cross has described is not reflective of Delta’s culture or the values [its] employees live out every day.” This response is woefully insufficient and inadequate. Instead of admitting their mistake, publicly apologizing to Dr. Cross, committing to implement non-discriminatory protocols, holding employees accountable for their behavior and actions, and dedicating themselves to changing the culture of their organization, Delta has chosen to defend their blatant and overtly biased practices.

We know that Dr. Cross’s experience of discrimination and bias is neither uncommon nor new. Following her post, countless women of color in medicine and healthcare detailed their stories of bias and stereotyping on Dr. Cross’s Facebook page, on Twitter, and in a variety of articles and blogposts. Dr. Cross shared what female physicians of color experience every day in this country. Their stories must serve as the imperative for change.

Black female physicians and physicians-to-be from across the Mount Sinai Health System join forces to unveil what doctors look like: Valerie Lewis-Morris, MD, Mount Sinai Downtown; Ama Alexis, MD, Mount Sinai West; Natacha Tamdji, DO, Mount Sinai Doctors Long Island; Janeen Marshall, MD, Mount Sinai Hospital (front row, from left to right) Joyce Robert, MD, Mount Sinai Hospital; Venis T. Wilder, MD, Mount Sinai Hospital; and Lisa Eiland, MD, Mount Sinai West (back row, from left to right). Not pictured: Lorna P. Gordon, MD, PharmD and Yvonne Okaka, MS2, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Today, we proudly stand with Dr. Cross in solidarity and to acknowledge, through these powerful images of Black female physicians and physicians-to-be, #WhatDoctorsLookLike.

Reena Karani, MD, MHPE

Ann-Gel Palermo, MPH, DrPH

Lisa Eiland, MD

Jessie Fields, MD

Michelle Sainté

MéLisa Best

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  1. David Muller, MD
  2. Gary Butts, MD
  3. Jamilia R. Sly, PhD
  4. M. Mercedes Perez-Rodriguez, MD
  5. Crystal Johnson, DVM
  6. Cardinale B. Smith, MD, PhD
  7. Ilse Daehn, PhD
  8. Georgina Osorio, MD, MPH
  9. Linda Prine MD
  10. Melissa M. Alvarez-Downing, MD, FACS
  11. Yvonne Okaka, MS II
  12. Melynda Barnes, MD
  13. Janeen Marshall
  14. Ama Alexis, MD
  15. Joyce Robert, MD
  16. Martine Sanon, MD
  17. Miesha Frempong, MD MPH
  18. Efe Chantal Ghanney, MS IV
  19. Christina M. Cruz, MD
  20. Lucille Torres-Deas, MD
  21. Jonathan Giftos, MD
  22. Crissaris Sarnelli, MD
  23. David Dayan-Rosenman, MD
  24. Monica Amoo-Achampong, MS II
  25. Tacara N. Soones, MD
  26. Caroline Cromwell MD
  27. Stella Safo, MD, MPH
  28. Lisa Eiland, MD
  29. Cristina M. Gonzalez, MD, MEd
  30. Carla Rogers-Henry, MD, MA
  31. Irene Blanco, MD MS
  32. Sheira Schlair MD, MS
  33. Natacha Tamdji, DO
  34. Venis T. Wilder, MD
  35. Jennifer Bailey, MS I
  36. Lonna P Gordon, MD, PharmD
  37. Desiree Byrd, PhD
  38. Marian Moore Gambrell, MD
  39. Valerie Lewis-Morris, MD
  40. Veronica Rivera, MD
  41. Jessica Reid-Adam, MD
  42. Nakiyah Knibbs, MD
  43. Gabriela Rodriguez Caprio, MD
  44. Ayiti Maharaj-Best, MS IV
  45. Jasmine Harris, MD
  46. Jason Ogiste, MD, MPH
  47. Terrill L. Tops, MD
  48. Marlene Taylor, PA-C
  49. Susheian Kelly
  50. Andrew Coyle, MD
  51. Victoria Tang, MD MAS
  52. H. Mabel Ko, MD
  53. Rainier P. Soriano, MD
  54. Elisabeth Wilson MD, MPH
  55. Audrey Chun, MD
  56. Roshini C. Pinto-Powell, MD
  57. Talia H. Swartz, MD, PhD
  58. Nina Bickell, MD, MPH
  59. Eva Aagaard, MD
  60. Nichole G. Zehnder, MD
  61. Peter Gliatto, MD
  62. Robert E. Feinstein MD
  63. Dara Wilensky, MD
  64. Carine Davila, MD
  65. Kate Callahan MD, MS
  66. Jen Hayashi, MD
  67. Uraina Clark, PhD
  68. Bree Johnston, MD, MPH
  69. Nihal Mohamed, PhD
  70. Vanessa Rodriguez, MD
  71. Marcia Wofford, MD
  72. Monique E. James, MD, MPH
  73. Suzanne Bentley MD, MPH
  74. Marianne Camargo, MD
  75. Craig L. Katz, MD
  76. Shashi Anand, MEd
  77. Camille Van Neste, MS I
  78. Abby Pianelli, BSN, MS I
  79. Anastasia Beldovskaya, MS I
  80. Chris Root, MS I
  81. Adam Aponte, MD, MSc, FAAP
  82. Alison Celello, MS II
  83. Ivan Marquez, MS II
  84. Adam Aponte, MD, MSc, FAAP
  85. Natasha Anushri Anandaraja MD, MPH
  86. Jillian Palmer, MA
  87. Kay Nelsen, MD
  88. Libbey Brown, MS II
  89. Sean Neifert, MS I
  90. Emmeline Friedman, MD Candidate
  91. Nancy Yang, MS IV
  92. Allison Vise, MS III
  93. Catharine Kappauf, MS I
  94. Maria Brito, MD
  95. Katleen Lozada, MS
  96. Krupa Harishankar, MS IV
  97. Margarita Loez, MD
  98. Janice L. Hanson, PhD
  99. Catherine R Lewis MD, PhD
  100. Xiteng Yan, MS I
  101. Antonio E. Urbina, MD
  102. Rita Lee, MD
  103. Eric Woods, MS IV
  104. Barrett Fromme, MD, MHPE
  105. Emmy Yang, MS I
  106. Royce Zhou, MD/PhD Candidate
  107. Sharon Levine, MD
  108. Brielle Cardieri, MS I
  109. Kamini Doobay, MS IV
  110. Sara M. Bradley, MD
  111. Sigal Israilov, MS I
  112. Tami LaGraize, MD
  113. Alexis McCollum, MD
  114. Sarah Duncan MS I
  115. Rae Dong, MS III
  116. Eleanor Roberts, MS IV
  117. Shivani Kastuar, MS III
  118. Margaret M. O’Neill, MD
  119. Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM
  120. Julia Sann, MS IV
  121. Esther R. Butler, MD
  122. Victor Sta. Ana, MD, MSEd
  123. Gina Fernandez, MD
  124. Jeanie Gribben, MS I
  125. Sharely Fred Torres, MS I
  126. Emily Menand, MS II
  127. Ope Ofodile, MD, MPH
  128. Harinee Maiyuran, MS I
  129. Ugochukwu Udogwu, MS III
  130. Elizabeth Gromet, MS III
  131. Kendall Downer, MS IV
  132. Nan Cochran, MD
  133. Gail Walker, RN, BSN
  134. Erick Mendoza, MS IV
  135. Christian Alexander Pean MD, MS
  136. Renee L. Davis, MD
  137. Jendayi Olabisi, MD
  138. Mark H. Swartz, MD
  139. Jenna Hobeika, MS I
  140. Vivian Hirshaut, MD
  141. Moe Byrne, MS IV
  142. Katherine Wang, MD
  143. Alicia Hurtado, MD
  144. Lori Angerson-Bednash, DO
  145. Ian Kwok, MS IV
  146. Diane E. Meier, MD
  147. George Alba, MD
  148. Stephen Supoyo, MS III
  149. Lillian Jin, MS II
  150. Claire Lewis, MD
  151. Stefanie J Berry, MD
  152. Mary Ann Gilligan, MD, MPH
  153. Joanne Hojsak, MD
  154. Karen Zier, PhD
  155. Hatef Massoumi, MD
  156. Jeannette Guerrasio, MD
  157. Danelle Cayea, MD, MS
  158. Jennifer Stella, MD
  159. Ben Asriel, MS I
  160. Emma Geduldig, MS I
  161. Debra Johnston, MD
  162. Kelly C. Motadel, MD, MPH
  163. Karyne Vinales, MD
  164. Elena Lerner, MD
  165. Jessica Ashley, MS I
  166. Kevin Hu
  167. Veena Ahuja, MD
  168. Rachael Bedard, MD
  169. Pooja Mehta MD, MSHP
  170. Eric Gayle, MD, FAAFP
  171. Holly Atkinson, MD
  172. Lori Zbar, MD
  173. Maria Maldonado, MD, FACP
  174. Anne Fabiny, MD
  175. Connie Chen, MS II
  176. Shonali Saha, MD
  177. Lello Tesema, MD
  178. Katherine Valois, MD
  179. Catherine R Lucey MD
  180. Sonia Arora, EdM
  181. Luz Claudio, PhD
  182. Luz Liriano-Ward, MD
  183. Christopher Woodrell, MD
  184. Staci Leisman, MD
  185. Danielle Kizer, MD
  186. Michael D. Lockshin, MD
  187. Sharifa S. Nelson, MPH
  188. Meryl Colton, MD Candidate
  189. Liliana Garcia, MD
  190. Samuel Kebede, MS II
  191. Joy Reidenberg, PhD
  192. M. Adjoa Duker, MD, MPH
  193. Catherine Jamea, MD
  194. Beatrice Whitaker, MD
  195. Tanis Batsel Stewart, MD, MPH
  196. Ruth Celestin, MD
  197. Aaron J. Weiss, MD
  198. Karla Smith, MD
  199. Varun Kejriwal, MS IV
  200. Grant Russell, MBBS, PhD
  201. Dean Preddie, MD
  202. Charlisa D. Gibson, MD
  203. Lekeshia Jarrett, MD
  204. Tamara Kalir, MD, PhD
  205. Andrea Maritato, MD
  206. Salina Bakshi, MD
  207. Lianna Lipton, MD MS
  208. Karen Dyer MD
  209. Theresa Mack, MD, MPH
  210. Steven Itzkowitz, MD
  211. Barbara Furgason, MD
  212. Alexea M. Gaffney-Adams, MD
  213. Matthew Swan, MD
  214. Bernadette Hillman, MD
  215. Sarah C. Nosal, MD, FAAFP
  216. Shanti Leon Guerrero, MD, MPH
  217. Valerie Parkas, MD
  218. Natasha Fievre, MD, FACOG
  219. Barbara J. Gutshall, MD, FACP
  220. Louis DePalo, MD
  221. Lauren Peccoralo, MD
  222. Rosalia Porcelli, DO
  223. Denise Purdie, MD
  224. Jackie Mostow, MS III
  225. Brendan Bullen, MPA
  226. Imuetinyan Asuen, MD
  227. Mignon R. Moore, PhD
  228. Jennifer Ginestra, MD
  229. Rachel Chalmer, MD
  230. Marjorie Michel, MD
  231. Sonni Mun
  232. Nagela Sainté-Thomas, MD
  233. Cheryl T. Moulthrop
  234. Kathryn Eubank, MD
  235. Kevin M. Holcomb, MD
  236. Elise Mike, MSTP IV
  237. Sonya Abadali, MSBS
  238. Debbie Chi, MS I
  239. Naomi Weiss-Goldman, MD
  240. Robin Michaels, PhD
  241. Bertrand Desir, MD
  242. Raymonde Jean, MD
  243. Janice Desir, MD, MPH
  244. Ugo Ezenkwele, MD, MPH
  245. Diana Wu, MD
  246. Jessica Stern, MD
  247. Brian Rice, MS I
  248. Desiree Simpson, MD
  249. Ann Crawford-Roberts
  250. Leah J. Cribb, RN
  251. Theodore Pak
  252. Doreen Mensah, MD
  253. Robin O’Hanlon, MIS
  254. Camille A. Clare MD, MPH
  255. Elizabeth Karin, MS III
  256. Nana Yaw Adu-Sarkodie, MD, MPH
  257. Hazel D. Glasper, DDS
  258. Evan Mullen, MS I
  259. Romelle Jones Maloney, MD
  260. Phyllis Schnepf, MS
  261. Donald S. Matheson, MD
  262. Alisha Liggett, MD
  263. Sylvia Morris, MD, MPH
  264. Helaine Worrell, MD
  265. Sapphire Mann Ahmed, MD, MPH
  266. Monica L. Lypson, MD, MHPE
  267. Malvin Vien, MSI
  268. Priya Krishnan, MS I
  269. Susan Rothenberg, MD
  270. Shannon Shaw, MSII
  271. Jimmy Murphy, MPH
  272. Rosanne M Leipzig MD, PhD
  273. Joseph Lurio MD, FNYAM, FAAFP
  274. Veronica Pinto Miranda, MD
  275. Edly Destine, DDS
  276. Kristina Sandquist, MSI
  277. Stuart Slavin, MD