Why We’re Doing This

written by the MedHacks Team

Medicine and technology today are at a crossroads. In medicine, we are dealing with larger populations, greater data sets, and more complex problems than ever before. In technology, innovation is accelerating so rapidly that the face of the future is changing daily.

Why then, we wondered, are these two fundamental disciplines so distant?

To start, we’re not talking to one another effectively. We’re talking at each other, but not listening — we’re responding to what we think is needed without asking. Hackers are creating incredible solutions to irrelevant problems. Doctors are looking for technology that’s not being developed.

That’s what we’re trying to address with MedHacks. By bringing students and experts in every related field — medicine, healthcare, computer science, design, entrepreneurship, marketing, venture capital, and more — to one place, at one time, MedHacks is beginning to bridge the communications gap. In short, we’re bringing diverse skillsets together for one common purpose: realistic solutions to relevant problems.

And, in doing so, we’re helping to accelerate medical innovation, applying the culture driving the most cutting edge technology to pressing medical challenges. We’re capitalizing on the promise of the emerging digital health field to inspire the next generation of hackers and doctors. And we’re drawing on the unparalleled experience and strength of the Johns Hopkins University to make Baltimore the start of the future of healthcare innovation.

We invite you to join us on our mission — to save lives and shape futures — at MedHacks 2015.