What if NASA announces signatures of life found?

Will you still be posting about Trump?

Tomorrow they will have a press conference and the people on the panel suggest that the star TRAPPIST-1 and one of it’s three exoplanets has been found to have bio-signatures. My question is, will people be able to tell the difference in magnitude of that news compared to all the crap shared on social media? Or will we go back to arguing over the same garbage? When did we stop looking up, dreaming about the stars? When did we devote full time to looking down at the mud, searching for a rock?

I hope that, that is exactly what the announcement is, but I hope I am wrong in my hunch that it will be business as usual. The last time I saw news stop people, bring them together, and make them realize they needed to start paying attention was the horrifying events of 9/11. This would be the exact opposite. A monumental discovery. Philosophically it would change the entire perspective we have about the Universe and our place in it. However, I’m not holding out much hope that such news would change the ugly tenor of social media, or put any dent into Reality TV ratings.

My fingers are crossed. Don’t disappoint me NASA.

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