3 Important Features For a Successful Mobile Health App

Let’s go straight to Top Number #1 :

1. The Need

It is important to be discovered since there is no “need” to develop a solution if there is no need to fulfill. The product should fall under a “must-have” and not a “nice to have” type of product, especially with medical field involved. The sensitivity of the matter tolls up this feature of “need”.
2. Usability

If the solution developed creates confusion, longer learning curve, and at worst scenario, frustration.Then this product is not an answer to a need but a potential to other problems. Simple, straight to the point and engaging is the aim.
3. User centricity

The product should be designed around people. It should put the user at the universe of the solution. They are going to be actively interacting with the system thus it must have a human-touch to it.

Apps aside, Id like to shed a light upon the user experience provided by Starbucks coffee chain. The secret to their business is UX really. The recipe is to 1. make you special by calling your name 2. Give you the comfort of over staying 3. provide you the ambience for focus or socializing. The coffee product itself is nothing special in comparison to the truly coffee barista. Starbucks became a multi-million business by simply giving us “meaning” to the price we pay.

Now let’s translate that into mobile health applications, especially the ones that are existing in the virtual markets. if you notice closely, it either misses the objective of what the clinician wants to achieve, or confuses the user with overly complicated input forms. Patients are deviated from the true objective of making tasks related to consumer health any easier, due to the low incorporation of target-aware software design.
In MedVerse, we call this category as a “consumer mobile health experience”, which is a special category that caters to the condition of the patient, and also on what condition is the doctor using the software.

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