Outreachy: Weeks 1 & 2

The internship journey started with a kick-off call, where all the people currently involved with the WikiEduDashboard codebase — the two mentors, Sage & Jonathan, as well as the three interns — Keerthana, Sejal & myself introduced ourselves. (My voice could not make it to the others on the Hangouts call for some reason, so I had to type my way through the call :P) We discussed our backgrounds in tech and gave brief overviews of our projects for the summer. 
Both Sage and Jonathan encouraged us to time-box our investigation and research and to be quick with asking our doubts. This is something I have personally struggled with in the past, as I have always been reluctant in asking people for help with understanding code, however unfamiliar it may be. But I also understand that discussion is an integral part of the process, when we are a part of a team. Specially when there are co-dependencies which cannot afford us much time beyond a certain stage. So I made a mental note of working on this aspect, and being open about my doubts once I was sure I’d put in my best effort.

Another thing I remember is Sage telling us that problem statements aside, the projects were ours to shape and we must try and add an individual touch to our respective projects. That was really encouraging, and I’m sure will be guiding my thought process throughout this journey.

I have been investigating code areas related to my project statement, and learning new things every day. Daily check-in calls have been really helpful in discussing progress and doubts, as well as learning from other interns’ projects. So far, so good :D

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