Outreachy: Weeks 3&4

Things have gathered pace, and with my code investigation mostly complete, I have understood all the areas of code that need modifications. I am eager to get my pull request in quickly and would be directedly working towards the same.

In this period, Sage also encouraged us to review each other’s PRs, which made for a very interesting exercise. Since both Sejal’s and Keerthana’s(fellow interns working on different problems) pull requests contained React related changes, trying to do a code review helped me understand my own areas of improvement regarding JS based technologies. I discussed this in a check-in call, and everybody was very quick to help. Sejal shared some resources that she first learnt from and agreed to pair program with me to give me a complete overview of how React integrates with Rails in the app. The eventual session and discussion with her were amazing, I learnt a lot about the front-end technologies and definitely felt more confident about React by the time we were through(thanks Sejal!!).

Sage also pair programmed with us multiple times in this period, and it was a lot of fun, trying to solve each other’s problems together.

Also, in locally running the app, I discovered a few issues with our local Sidekiq environment and discussed these with Sage. He encouraged me to get in a PR with the changes I think would make the process better. I’ll be working towards this too. I end my week with a happy heart and some impactful work on my hands. What can I say!

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