[ANN] 2nd Pre-Sale FAQ

MediBloc 1st Pre-Sale Process FAQ

1. I completed the KYC but the “KYC Verification Complete” is not checked off.
A. This is normal. We are completing the verification on a first-come-first-serve basis. Thank you for your patients

2. What is the 2nd Pre Sale Gas Price?
A. Keep the general settings. Gas Limit: 25,000,000, Gas Price: 0.0000004. If you want to be safe, you can increase the Gas Price to 0.0000005.

3. Is there a minimum for the 2nd Pre Sale?
A. No, there is no minimum. 1QTUM= 2000MED

4. I’m starting with the KYC Application. What parts of my government issued identification do I have to cover?
A. Drivers License- keep all numbers visible. SSN- only show the last numbers. You can find more information about KYC in [MEDIUM BLOG LINK].

5. I already participated in the 2nd Pre Sale. Can I send more Qtum?
A. Yes, you can send it with the Qtum Core Wallet address that you registered with on MediBloc. If you sent it with a different address, please create a new account on the MediBloc website and start a new KYC application.

6. Qtum has left my wallet. Has my transaction been successful?
A. Yes. If you have followed all the instructions, you have successfully completed the Token Sale.

7. The “Amount” section of my Qtum Core Wallet is not active. 
What can I do?

A. Please update your Qtum Core Wallet. Please backup your wallet, complete it and update to the latest version. (https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/releases)

8. Can I make a transfer with MEW Wallet?
A. No, we do not support MEW Wallet. Please install Qtum Core Wallet.

9. I got an error message saying “insufficient funds”.
A. You don’t have enough Qtum in your wallet. Your wallet must include enough Qtum for the Gas Price. Please decrease the Qtum amt you want to send by 13% and try pressing “Send to Contract”.

10. “Invalid value for gas price~ minimum is 0.00000040 (error code -3)” keeps showing up. What’s going on?
A. It’s a common error that shows up. Please try increasing the Gas Price to 0.00000050.

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